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Should the cabinet of my dryer be hot to the touch?

Should the cabinet of my dryer be hot to the touch?

I've got a electric whirlpool duet dryer, just did a heating element and high limit thermostat/ thermal fuse while I had the cabinet open. I checked for airflow restrictions, cleaned all lint out of the cabinet and exhaust vent, verified the thermister is operating correctly, and confirmed that the heating element is cycling on and off (and is not grounded to the chassis) I also repaired one seal that was not holding air.


"I vacuumed out all of the lint from every crack and crevice of my dryer. It runs a lot hotter now. Yours sounds like it is more hot than is normal. I'm not sure if that is bad or not. But I do know that your dryer will run hotter after you clean the lint out.

If you don't smell anything, then there's probably no problem. But you should probably use your multimeter to check to make sure that everything tests correctly as to amps/watts/ohms, etc."

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