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Solder DC in directly to the connector board of Bose Soundlink 1?

Solder DC in directly to the connector board of Bose Soundlink 1?



Having opened the adapter, I am ashamed of being unable to identify the fuse Frido is talking about. Can anyone help me, please?

Dang people. Lol. Old turkey is correct. Simpler to buy a used power supply for the Bose system. Charles Brunsdon, the reference to the two 12 vdc batteries is correct. Connect wire to positive of first battery, connect negative of first battery to seconds batteries positive. This is your floating/virtual ground. Second battery negative has a wire also. So three wires and two.batteries in series. Your first batt is positive, the middle wire connecting two batts is your virtual ground for both outputs And the negative of the second batt is your negative volts. It comes out to be +/-12vdc. Still a problem is you need +/-18 vdc. And dude asking about the chargable battery. It might be 18 vdc. But its way to much amps. Bose system is 1amp. You put 6.3 amps on it and poof. No more Bose. If your gonna mess with electricity I suggest reading up on simple things like what electricity is. Amps. Volts. Watts. Current. It's all simple but it's not something you just magically put together and it works. Electronics is about the control of electricity and all elements there in. Oh. I do have a seems simple solution for all though. Two walwarts 18vdc run them like I said with the 12 vdc batteries ..you'll still have an issue.with turning on and off as if you leave one on alone it will damage circuitry. Figure a way to connect them to power up and off at same time and ya might be fine. But then there is another issue. They will not run exact same amount. Op amps need crisp pure highly regulated electricity to become the beasts that they are. Buy a used power supply. Joe G. There are ic s that do change polarity. Check this out. .allaboutcircuits/project...

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