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Theory of operation of trans

Theory of operation of trans

found the cuplar between the trans drive and motor was broke.so looking further if i a expander wrench on outer housing on tube and watch the shaft going to themotor it turns wth a quite a bit of drag the inter shaft will not turn is this normal and if it isn't then i need to know the correct dissemble prsedures.I 'm asumming that this is party centrifical drive system


"mike, it should work pretty much like this :""1. When the motor turns counterclockwise, the main drive gear in the gearcase will turn clockwise, putting the washer into an agitation mode (Fig1)

2. The main drive gear moves the shift actuator forward so that it engages the agitate cam (Fig2) and pushes it into the agitate position (Fig3). The action of the agitate cam and cam follower allow the agitate gear to be forced down by spring action so that it engages the splines on the agitator shaft (Fig4&5). Now everything is setup for agitation.

3. Power for the agitate gear is supplied by the connecting rack, which moves back and forth as it rotates the cam on the main drive gear

4. The pump is driven directly by the motor and runs whenever the drive motor runs. When the motor turns in the counterclockwise agitate direction, it drives the pump in the reverse direction, so that water does not leave the tub.

5. The water is recirculated by the pump vanes on the bottom of the agitator, which forces the water up and through the lint filter at the bottom of the basket.

6. The timer cuts power to the drive motor after the timer motor runs for the length of wash time set on the cycle selector. The agitator shaft and the agitator stop moving back and forth and the wash function is completed.""

Hope this helps, good luck."

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