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There is a terrible thumping noise and vibration when in use.

There is a terrible thumping noise and vibration when in use.

The washer makes a loud thumping noise with vibration. It feels like the washer will suddenly blow up. Any suggestions on the problem and how to fix it ?


"If your Kenmore 110 Series Washing Machine is making strange noises, see the Kenmore 110 Series Washing Machine Makes Unusual Noises problem page for possible causes and solutions.

Kevin, if the noise is in the agitation cycle and not in the spin cycle, you most likely have issues with your transmission which could cause the problem. If it is always making that noise, it is possible that you have issues with the direct drive coupler, it is between the transmission and the motor. The drive coupler is made up of two plastic parts, one sits on the transmission and the other one is on the motor. Take a look at this site for more information on that. However, there are two types for this model, a direct drive and a belt drive. So, you will have to take a quick look at it and see what you have. Hope this helps, good luck.

Direct Drive explosion drawing

Drive coupler"

Washing machines by their nature will operate unbalanced; this is due to the clothes load being out of balance. A little vibration is to be expected. One thing to check, and I found it on our machine, is that the leveling screws, if any, are locked down. The leveling screws will be supporting the machine and they should have lock nuts which keep the leveling screws, they are like bolts with rubber pads at the bottom. The lock nuts will keep the leveling screws from loosening due to the vibration of the machine and if that happens the machine will shake and shudder ant you will think it is going to break. Get to a point where you can see the leveling screws (bolts) and look for a nut on the top of bottom of the screw. This bolt should be tightened against the frame of the washer. If it is not, you will see it is loose. Get a level and level the machine using the 4 leveling screws. Then tighten the lock nuts against the machine base and that should fix the problem.

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