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Tower fan stopped blowing now has no power at all

Tower fan stopped blowing now has no power at all I have a Comfort Zone CZTC309 Fan and Tower Air Cooler evaporative. Two days ago I felt water spitting out of the front where the fan usually blows cool air. Turned it off. Waited a day turned it back on and no water spitting out. Then it stopped blowing with forced air the fan stooped moving but I felt à very small amout of air whether on low or hi it was very little air. Today it will not power on. I took apart to look and don't see anything but I smelled a burning of sort and the motor was warm. What happened and can j fix it. The motor has nothing to do with the power coming on does it?

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mcgyver89 [Entry]

"Evaporative coolers (Swamp Cooler) are great in very dry climates! Not very effective in dense cities, or more humid environments.

A mat which is kept wet in front of a fan that sucks the air across the mat. The moisture pulls the heat out of the air which then is pushed into the house.

They do need a bit of TLC! A common issue is the mat often needs to be replaced ideally at the end of the season and the pan may also need to be cleaned of the mineral build up (calcium, Iron & magnesium being the bigger offenders).

You may need to patch or replace the pan due to freezing cracking it. The other problem is the drippers at the top of the mats can also get clogged as well as the level float and the circulatory motor. And lastly the fan’s can fail.

In your case it sounds like the drippers got clogged and have sprayed water into the fan which is what you felt the water or the float got stuck up and the water level got too high at which point the safety system kicked in.

In any case the motor and the belt/pulleys may need to be replaced. Check to see if the motor and the pulleys are not binding up (bearing seised)"
Llmcyc [Entry]

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