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Tv won't turn on and neither will red standby light

Tv won't turn on and neither will red standby light

I was watching TV when it suddenly went off. Nothing crazy was happening with the weather, it just shut off. The red light doesn't come on and I already tested the tv in other outlets. Tried unplugging it and holding the power button, doesn't seem to work. The tv is from 2008, but I did some quick math, if TV's should last 60,000 hours, this one is under that. Please help!


"@princessfyrefly Toshiba TV’s are bad at doing math. TV’s can fail anytime for no reason at all. Toshiba is one of the worst companies having to deal with. They are using attorneys and bullying when it comes to DIY repairs. Please be aware off this and do not expect any help from that company.

Anyhow, on a brighter note, this sounds like a power board issues since you already checked everything else. Remove the back from your TV and check the fuses on the power board. Unplug the TV first so. Post some good pictures of your boards with your question so that we can see what you see, and also let us know the exact model of your TV.

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