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Washer says control locked

Washer says control locked

How do I unlock the controls?




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The solution for my Kenmore Elite he3 was to press the Drain/Spin button "and" main Start (press & hold) buttons at the same time for 3 seconds.

Press drain/spin button and extended spin for 5 mins it will remove the control lock.

This worked for me as a temporary fix. Next load I received a F2 error code. This is a drain pump error. Actually turned out to be a very easy fix also. Removed lower front access panel (3 screws). Removed two screws holding the pump in place (Large round, white plastic canister looking device directly in middle front with screw on cap). After removing the pump pull up and forward. Place a deep pan under the pump, unscrew the cap by hand. There will be a fair amount of water drain. My pump had coins, a pencil and a lot of lint blocking it. Removed all the material, replaced the cap, replaced the pump and front panel. Machine now working fine. Only took about 10 minutes and problem solved.

Thanks hold Drain and spin button for 3 seconds worked for me thanks to

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