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Washer slowly fills with water while not in use, what is wrong?

Washer slowly fills with water while not in use, what is wrong?

Recently, I noticed that my washer will slowly fill with water when not in use. The problem seems to be intermittent, and I think it could be mineral buildup in the supply valve. Any suggestions would help.


"Water-inlet valves eventually fail. One problem that may develop with a water-inlet valve is that it can no longer completely shut off when the electricity is turned off to it. Then, the valve may leak and drip water into the clothes tub--you may notice that your washer has water in it when you haven't used it for a few days. To fix this, replace the valve.

Here's the part and where to get it: http://www.repairclinic.com/SSPartDetail...

I've used these people and they are fast and reliable.

They also carry a repair manual for it: http://www.repairclinic.com/SSPartDetail...

UPDATE 7/2020

This can also be caused by low water pressure, i.e. the hot water has been shut off at the tank, or just very low pressure."

"This is a supplement, NOT a replacement to the well-researched and thorough answer from Mayer, above...

In my washing machine, the hard water deposits blocked up the inlet quite a bit, to the point where it appeared to be failing.

I bought a $10 bottle of CLR, or ""Calcium/Lime/Rust,"" sold in a usually gray bottle and ran the roughly 1/4-gallon container through a warm cycle twice, half of the bottle each time. It cleared out the hard water, and the inlet ran well afterwards.

Twice a year, I use CLR the same way on my dishwasher and soak my shower head in it to remove minerals and hard water buildup. CLR is essential for anyone's cleaning ""kit"" where water is used-- the sink, bathtub, etc.

Remember, Meyer's post is VERY complete and *most likely* your problem with a slow inlet.

NOTE: On the first cycle, with the CLR in the clothing washer, let the water fill up and sit with water/CLR in it for at least a couple of hours. Also, CHECK YOUR MANUAL to make sure there isn't any reason NOT to use CLR on it... I can't think of any, but I'm not an expert on washing machines."

"Hi all, thanks for the thread, it helped point me in the right direction//

""Farspace"" mentioned the use of CLR, (thanks ""farspace"")but did not explain getting it into the inlet valve.. As just putting the CLR into the drum will not get it into the inlet valve, I went a step farther..

Turn off water and disconnect the hoses from the supply line, drain the hoses, pour clr into the hoses, reconnect and run an empty cycle.. this gets the clr running through the valve..

(I am not a repairman and I do not claim to know anything about washing machines, my only experience is fixing my own stuff.... this was simply the easy logical way to get the clr running through the valve)

This process did work for me, My washer was slowly filling when not in use running some clr through the valve must have cleared some deposits that were keeping the valve from fully closing..

** after using clr, I would recommend a couple more empty washes to flush it all out before doing laundry..

I hope this helps someone,, it saved me ..

lastly I did not have to order my valve, as this fixed it but for those that have to replace itk once you have the part number, I would recommend shopping around a bit,, Amazon had my valve for about 35%off what the ""Repair Clinic"" has it listed for...."

As mayer stated, replacing the valve would be the easiest way to go. If you're going to pull the valve out, you can then visually inspect the inlet and outlet ports to see if there are deposits. There are strainers on the inlet side of the valve where you may see the deposits, particularly the hot water inlet. If there are visible deposits, you could put CLR in a pan and soak the valve to try to remove the deposits. Only put enough in the pan to cover the inlet and outlet ports and not the electrical connections or solenoid.

"Im actually having this problem now. Turn off one water valve at a time to see if it stop. Nope.. still dripping while both are off. Disconnect the hose that screws into inlet water valves on washer (have towel bc water will drip). I discovered build up on the hot water inlet valve and the cold hose still leaked, like constantly. So i placed the cold water hose in the washer and turned on the water valve (quickly) just a little to try flush the line. The drip stop. Then cleaned the valves the best I could. Connected it back and power on and tested the Drain/ Spin cycle. No more drips. Only cost me 45 mins of time.

Possibly reasons if it happens again

• Clogged water inlet valves or hoses lines from mineral build-up or

• Shut off valve going bad or something prevent a closure."

"Hi @ssk12 ,

Does the washer have both hot and cold water supplies attached to it.

If so when you shut off the main house tap, if you have a hot water storage tank in the ceiling or on the roof, did you remember to also shut off the main house hot water tap so that hot water is not going into the washer, due to a faulty hot water tap that the washer is connected to?

If it is not the hot water supply then if the washer is filling when the main house water tap is closed then maybe that tap is not closing properly and also the tap that the washer is connected to isn’t either.

Try fully closing the main house tap and opening any other tap such as the kitchen tap or bathroom tap and check if water continues to come out of them. Initially there will be a flow of water as the pipes drain so be prepared for this but this should eventually stop.

If water continues to come out even at a trickle then the main house tap isn’t closing properly.

If the water comes out fast all the time you’ve closed the wrong tap.

If the water does continue to trickle out when the main house tap is closed, remove the washer’s hose from the tap that it is connected to, and making sure that the tap is closed check if water is coming out of it.

Remember to close the main hot water tap as well when you are checking for leaking water, just so that you don’t get confused as to where the water may be coming from

Update (02/12/2020)

Hi @ssk12,

You may have two problems so take it one at a time.

You may get a bit wet trying this ;-)

Turn off the tap that the washer's cold water inlet hose is connected to and remove the hose from the tap.

There will still be water in the hose so have a bucket handy.

Check if there is water coming from the tap. Ideally there should be none.

Next turn off the tap that the washer's hot water inlet hose is connected to and remove the hose from the tap. Check if there is water coming from the tap. Ideally there should be none.

If this is what occurs then the taps are OK. If not whichever one is still dripping water then that is one problem but it isn’t the cause of the tub filling when the machine is not in use.

If both taps seal off the water OK, (or even if one doesn’t) reconnect the washer's cold water hose to the cold water tap and turn on the tap.

Check if water flows into the tub. It shouldn't. Give it a bit of time to make sure that it doesn’t. If it does then there is a problem with the washer's cold water inlet solenoid.

If there is no water coming in then do the same with the hot water hose. reconnect it to the tap and turn on the tap and check if water flows into the tub. It also shouldn't. If it does then there is a problem with the hot water inlet solenoid.

If there is a problem with a solenoid turn off the appropriate tap that supplies the “faulty”solenoid and then disconnect the hose from the washing machine. Check the filter in the end of the hose fitting that connects to the washing machine end (or the machine’s water inlet connection, it varies with makes where it is located) to make sure that it is not damaged etc. This filter is there to prevent grit etc entering the machine where it might cause the solenoid not to close properly.

Unfortunately faulty solenoids cannot be repaired, they have to be replaced.

What is the make and model number of the washer?"

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