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What do I do when I poured water on my tv

What do I do when I poured water on my tv

I accidentally poured water on my tv n now it onli changes colurs but mostly white with same kind of water inside it


Wendy black first thing you want to do is to stop using your TV. Unplug it immediately. Remove the back and remove all the boards. While you do so, check for any obvious damage. Leaky, domed capacitors as well as burned spots on the boards itself. Post a couple of pictures off your boards with your question. Use this guide for that. Clean all of your boards as previously suggested with some high grade isopropyl alcohol and let those boards air dry. do not forget to clean any of the connectors. Check for corrosion damage etc. Once that is done, reassemble your Tv and re-evaluate for any damage. It is then that you can determine what may have to be replaced/repaired. The attached images show how to remove the back and the way the boards are laid out.

"ohhhhhh that's hard one

it sounds weird but i need more info what you have poured.....first of all UNPLUG!

i don't want to see people dieying from their stupidity.....

you need to open it up and clean it with antistatic brush (and wear antistatic eq (wrist strap at least....))

for cleaning you can use alcohol (rubbing alcohol or how you call it )make sure it fully dries before pluging back it becouse Ethanol (alcohol) boils at 80 deg and if spark somewhere happens it will blow the $@$* out including your face

if you have water inside you need to dry it anyhow ....

also don't use corrosive chemicals like acids or bases .....make your life easy and use alcohol

and kinda remove that white oxide layer with brush ....

and you should check the boards for component damage ...you may need to do level 3 repair on that one

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