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What would this be worth?

What would this be worth?

I bought this Kenmore 110 about 9 years ago. I only used it about 6 months and then moved and took it with me. But because other washers were where I moved I've not needed this, so I stored it in a dry place. I've thought about selling before but thought I might need it. Well I'm ready to just sell now but don't know what would be a fair price. It worked fine all the time I used it but like I said it was only for 6 months. Are you able to help?


"Hi @cshill22,

Just to add.

Do some research by searching online (Ebay, Gumtree, CraigsList etc) for same ""(make and model number) washer"" to get a feeling what the market online is asking for the washer (2nd hand retail and/or private sale) and also hopefully see images of the condition of the same model washers on sale.

That way you'll get a feel for what you can reasonably ask and hopefully get interested buyers.

Also see how long they've been advertised for as well. Could be an indicator of the price being too high or nobody is interested in the model perhaps.

If you ask too much then nobody will call. If you ask too little then you may get swamped but you lose out"

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