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Where to buy replacement speakers for JBL Charge 3?

Where to buy replacement speakers for JBL Charge 3?

Where can I buy replacement front speakers for the JBL Charge 3? I have been trying to research where to buy, and have been unable to find a place to get them. I think one of mine is blown.


"Mike, the charge port is readily available and an easy fix. Watch the youtube video on how to do it and get the replacement charge port here in the States.

Henkjan, I found some replacement speakers from China that were the right dimensions for the Charge 3. Had to knock off the little guide post off the JBL frame that went through the speaker frame, but that is no biggie. I also put some flat washers (two in each corner) between the speaker and the JBL frame. Still had enough compression on the seal to keep it water resistant. Good luck.



Update (07/30/2019)

Here are two of the ones I bought that will fit:



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