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Why am I hearing other people talking?

Why am I hearing other people talking?
When I am using my walkie-talkie, I hear other people conversations that I don't know.


These radios are on the FRS (Family Radio Service) band which is between 462.5625 and 467.7125mhz. These are no different than all the radios you find selling in pairs in all your big box stores. They all claim to have a 5-10 mile range.
Anytype of single band Walkie talkies if they are strong enough it will pick any signal up the only thing u don’t want to do is answer back to them they could be hackers trying to steal information so please don’t talk back to them I did once and got in a lot of !&&*
I have a vokoo walkie talkie and on Channel 2, I heard some truckers speaking.

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