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Why am I getting a SUD error message?

Why am I getting a SUD error message?

I got the SUD error during my last two loads of laundry. I believe I am using the correct type and amount of soap. Why might I be getting this error message?


"Dave, according to the service manual there are a few possibilities

Sud - SUDS LOCK (Overdose of Detergent detected during the Wash Cycle)

The motor control unit senses a suds lock condition by analyzing the current draw on the drive motor. If “Sud” is displayed a potential suds lock is detected. This may signify a bad pump, an extra heavy load, excessive detergent, or excessive suds.

• If too much detergent was used, run the unit through a Rinse/ Spin cycle then a Normal cycle without adding any detergent. This should clear the unit of the excess detergent.

• Check the drain hose and make sure it is not plugged or kinked

• Check Wire Harness connections to the Drain Pump, Pressure Switch, and Central Control Unit (CCU)

• Check/ Clean Drain Pump Filter of foreign objects

• Check Drain Pump

• Check the Pressure Switch

• Check CCU

To make your job easier, try to download the manual from the bottom of this page Good luck and I hope it helps.

Update (09/26/2015)

Here is an image showing the location of the pressure switch"

I had the same problem. I did two things: 1) Clean your drain from the wall all the way inside the machine to the drain pump. This will take some time, a star screw driver, and some large mouth pliers. use the pliers to loosen the hoses on the outside and inside of your machine. I used my hose pipe to wash the clogs and debris out. I was amazed at how much junk came out. Put all the hoses back together. 2) Take off the bottom front panel (3 screws). You will see the drain pump and a large circular screw. This is your drain filter. Unscrew it, clean and replace. This should take care of your problem.

"Hello... Sud which equates to an error message in reality at least in my case, I have a Samsung Front Loader (est cost 1200.) I washed a single 18 x 18 fairly solid couch type pillow by itself and used too much of a cleaner called LOC from Amway. LOC High Suds to be exact, logic tells me that is why I got the error message and from observing the load at the time it was half way filled with Sud's. This can be harmful to the pump I would imagine given the amount of additional pumping and the fact that its pumping out foam instead of solid water as it normally should.

I simply restarted the load without additional detergent. Funny how simple things are these days if one spends the extra cash for those bells and whistles. The end result is the ability to receive error messages, coupled with common logic and of course the internet as a third backup it boggles my mind to think of it all...

Moral of the story might read like this...

Gone are the days of complete and utter ignorance unless it is by one's choice of course..."

"Another cause the manual does not mention is that the internal filter is full/blocked.

It's fairly straightforward to fix, but you do have to tip the machine, open it and clean the filter. That worked like a charm for me in the past."

My kenmore elite He 5t is having a error of E51 does anyone know something about this please help I did the test and still . Don't know...

"My Kenmore Elite HE3t SUD errror message lit up but there actually was too much suds inadvertently (first time this happened). Not knowing what was going on, I pressed the cancel button and the controls locked up so I can't do anything now and the machine paused with the SUD message blinking. Is it OK to unplug the machine and see if the panel will reset itself so I can run a wash cycle? Is this dangerous or harmful in some way? Must I have a repair technician diagnose the problem? I checked and the machine in not on control lock mode.


THANK YOU! This worked. I turned it off at the circuit breaker last night, waited 1/2 hour, turned it back on and no lights came on the machine -- good sign. This morning I rinsed the blanket twice, then ran another wash cycle on the blanket without soap. The blanket still smells soapy, but I don't care. There is no visible soap in the machine. I'll run the next few loads with no or very little soap. Thank you so much! No repairman needed! I appreciate it!"

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