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Why am I getting a SUD error message?

Why am I getting a SUD error message?

I got the SUD error during my last two loads of laundry. I believe I am using the correct type and amount of soap. Why might I be getting this error message?

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"My Kenmore Elite HE3t SUD errror message lit up but there actually was too much suds inadvertently (first time this happened). Not knowing what was going on, I pressed the cancel button and the controls locked up so I can't do anything now and the machine paused with the SUD message blinking. Is it OK to unplug the machine and see if the panel will reset itself so I can run a wash cycle? Is this dangerous or harmful in some way? Must I have a repair technician diagnose the problem? I checked and the machine in not on control lock mode.


THANK YOU! This worked. I turned it off at the circuit breaker last night, waited 1/2 hour, turned it back on and no lights came on the machine -- good sign. This morning I rinsed the blanket twice, then ran another wash cycle on the blanket without soap. The blanket still smells soapy, but I don't care. There is no visible soap in the machine. I'll run the next few loads with no or very little soap. Thank you so much! No repairman needed! I appreciate it!"