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Why am I getting an Error 80?

Why am I getting an Error 80?

I've had my Canon T2i for less than a year now. Recently, I've gotten an error 80 message. I've gone through all the "suggested repairs" without any luck. I can't take any photos, and when the camera does turn on and I attempt a photo, it will quickly turn off and give me the error message. HELP!

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"You may receive Steam error code 80 when you attempt to launch the game. In this situation, the game fails to start. Below are some troubleshooting steps through which you can fix this error.

Uncheck Read-Only files:

Steam error code 80 can appear when certain Steam files are set to read only. To play game without error, you should remove read-only remark of required files as shown below:

1. Close all applications including Steam. (Close its system tray icon too)

2. Navigate to game’s installation directory. Generally, C:\Program Files.

3. Right click on the Steam Folder and select Properties.

4. Uncheck the Read-Only remark.

5. Click Apply | OK.

6. Start Steam again."
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"This is not working it still gives error


i have also seen some software created toi rectify some of the cameras. How is that possible?"
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"a Friend of mine camera was the same way. She would get an error messege and then the camera would immediately shut down. I took some time to take a look at the camera my self and found out that the Shutter Mechanism inside the camera has broken.

If you take of the Lens and look inside the camera as you turn it on the outter shutter would look like something was Bulging out of it and I knew something inside was unhinged or broke.

There after I took a paper clip and pryed oped the shutter to see that the inside part of the shutter release was broken some how.

that was the Cause of her Particular case of the Error 80 Message."
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"I also encountered this error while on vacation and after off-loading images to a Chromebook and thence to Dropbox. Pulling the battery and replacing it reset the camera and fixed it for a short while; using a 70-300 Tamron lens exacerbated the problem, with frequent ""Busy"" signs in the viewfinder as it hunted for focus, and eventually the camera started to take a picture, flipped up the mirror, and froze, mirror-up!

After going through every camera-related trouble-shooting operation that I could think of, I recalled that I had once owned an Olympus Z-3030 camera (for 10 years it gave better pictures than any non-pro camera I could find, but used SmartMedia memory cards, which are unobtainable now, so is no more!). The problem with the SmartMedia cards was that if you didn't format them in the camera, and/or if you used them for certain types of file, they became unusable.

So I pulled out the (64 GB) card I was using, borrowed another (1 GB) from my wife, and the problem vanished. Err 80 was suddenly history. I found that I had left two or three .pdf files on the card after using it in the Chromebook. Removing these restored the camera operation!

Happy New Year (2014)!

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"I am having the same problem with my 70D. I was changing my picture profile when the camera locked up on me. I have tried all of the things listed above (or below), but nothing seems to work yet.

I have also tried to reset the whole camera, by clicking the option: remove all camera settings.

This also did not work. I don't get why but sometimes the thing won't even turn on with a fully charged battery, with or without lens attached.

I've swapped SD cards, erased them, formatted them, but nothing seems to work so far.

When I am in movie mode or in LV mode the camera freezes after a couple of minutes or sometimes seconds. Then the screen freezes, but I am still able to change settings from the top screen, so thats weird..... and then the error 80 appears. When I turn off the camera the screen stays on and frozen and remains that way until I remove the battery.

I've had this problem since three days from posting this, Please help. :(

Thanks in advance"