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Why are my clothes not drying?

Why are my clothes not drying?

the settings seem to work, and the dryer turns and even heats but the clothes don't get dry. I have to go through 3 or 4 cycles to get the clothes dry.


check the dryer hose it sounds like the exhust might be clogged,,pull the hose offf the dryer and check inside the back as well as down the line where it connects to the outside flap of the house

Also check the metal strips that detect how wet your clothes are. There should be two metal strips that are on the inside of the dryer on the grill where the air passes thru to the filter. They should look clean and if they look dirty, running a pencil eraser over them can clean them up. If they don't work correctly, your dryer can't measure how damp your clothes are.

"Also check the outside vent - sometimes birds or small animals will make nests in them, or they can accumulate debris. Make sure the cover flap can open freely.

Be sure to clean the lint filter before starting the dryer - EVERY load. Use a long, narrow tube or nozzle to vacuum out the area under the lint filter."

"Excellent chance it's your Coil Valve. This is like an electro-magnet that controls the valve to supply the gas that supplies the heat. On our dryer, the heat would start and you could feel the vent get hot...but it would not STAY hot. The tech replaced the valve kit (there are two in the kit) for a part cost of $35 and labor cost of $146. You can easily do it yourself (YouTube) and part is here: http://www.amazon.com/Kenmore-Gas-Valve-... for a whopping $6 for BOTH.

Sadly I looked this up AFTER the tech was done. Fact is I wouldn't have known what to look for, but that's the ""ignorance tax"" we pay sometimes. Hope this helps someone else.


Think of a clogged vent, congested air flow,will cause the thermostats to trip early/often .the exhaust vent in the bottom is where you start.And you may have to disassemble unit to get to the internals,fan ect.

Also make sure your washer is spinning properly. If it's clunking during the spin cycle you may not be squeezing enough water out of your clothes before they go to the dryer. All that water would then neeed to be evaporated.

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