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Why are my clothes getting hot but not dry. .check house and it is cle

Why are my clothes getting hot but not dry. .check house and it is cle

My clothes are wet and hot but not drying. I checked the hose and not clogged and hot air blows out of unit when the hose is off.


"Here is some very good information about how to test the components of your dryer:


I have a traditional (non-computerized) electric Kenmore dryer. Here's how I test it when something isn't working right (if your dryer is electric, not gas, the same may work for your dryer, but I can't say for sure):

Get a multimeter. I suggest a basic analog multimeter, because they are very easy to use. Analog multimeters are available in just about any hardware store or auto parts store. Here are some examples of analog multimeters at Walmart:


Any of these will do, as long as they have a needle that moves, and the red and black wires. Therefore, you should go with the cheapest one that they sell.

Turn the knob on your multimeter to the ""OHM"" section, and pick the lowest setting in the OHM section. For example, ""x10"" is lower than ""x100"" or ""x1k"" (1k means 1000). ""Ohms"" means ""resistance to flow"", so by setting the multimeter to OHMs, we will be testing if current can flow through the various electrical parts on the dryer. (The multimeter has a battery in it; that's where the current will come from.)Unplug your dryer, and take the back cover off. You should find five or six electric parts. One at a time, unplug the two wires on an electric part, and then touch the red and white probes to the two terminals that you unplugged the wires from. If the part is good, the needle will move. If the needle doesn't move, or if it barely moves, the part is likely bad. Move the probes a little, to make sure you have a good connection. Plug the wires back into the part after you have tested it. Do this for each part.If you find a bad part, take a picture or two of it with the wires plugged into it, and then remove the part. Taking a picture of it will make it very easy to install the new part correctly. Make sure you get enough detail in your pictures so that you will know how to correctly install the new part.Take a good clear picture of the model number label of the dryer. You will need that information when you purchase the new part.Take the bad part and the pictures with you to an appliance parts store, and purchase the replacement part.

I went to yellowpages.com and did a search for ""appliance parts stores"" in Birmingham, AL. (I picked the city at random.) This returned a list of the appliance parts stores, places which would sell the parts you need to fix your dryer.

Good luck! I hope this enables you to fix your dryer.

One of the reasons I like my old-fashioned Kenmore electric dryer is because they are EASY to fix! One day, when it's time to replace your dryer, you may want to consider finding a used appliance store in your area and buying a non-computerized Kenmore electric dryer. When you buy it, it will be in good working order; and a dryer like that will be easy for you to fix, if anything ever goes wrong with it."

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