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Why is my TV not turning on and I’m getting 7 blinking lights?

Why is my TV not turning on and I’m getting 7 blinking lights?

Out of nowhere, I can’t turn my TV on. When I push the power button, I can hear the TV turn on, then turn right back off, with no picture, and there’s 7 red blinking lights. I’ve read a lot of the threads, I’ve tried unplugging it, waiting 10 minutes. I’ve tried disconnecting the power supply, waiting, then plugging back in. Ive tried holding the power button for 60 seconds. I’ve tried taking the back panel off, unplugging the left motherboard and restarting the TV, then I get 8 blinking red lights. Is there possibly anything else I can do to try and fix my TV?


"@aslovak the 7 blink code is a common issue with is with one, both, or all of SC board, SD board, and SU board. The most common failure is the SC board, but could also possibly be a loose board connector, or a mis-seated connector leading to the panel. Check those.

Test the TV with just the SC disconnected- let us if you get a 10 blink code. After that Then disconnect SC and connect only SS, let us know if you you get a 10 blink code.

Post some pictures of your boards as well as teh wiring layoput with your question. That way we can see what you see. Adding images to an existing question"

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