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Why do I have no picture on my TV I can hear sound

Why do I have no picture on my TV I can hear sound

My tv just stopped working but I still have sound


"Hello xXArcaneSniperX,

there might be a couple of reasons why you’ve got no picture on your TV, but the most frequent problem is the backlight bulb inside your TV.

There are a few recognitions which are going to lead you to the actual reason why it stopped working:

1) Your backlight bulb could be just old and gave up it’s power during it’s life time.

2) A failed inverter is another possibility why your bulb does not work anymore. If the problem lies with the inverter your functioning backlight bulb won’t receive power.

A good way to roll one out of the other is to get the room as dark as possible and shine a flashlight at the TV Screen from an angle. Now, if you can see images, then the problem surely is the inverter. If not then it’s likely the backlight bulb.

LCD inverters can be replaced but replacement LCD backlights are not generally available.

So buying a new TV may be your only option if it fails.

3) Maybe your receiver is just acting up. Reboot it by turning off your TV and unplugging your Receiver. Wait about 10 seconds before your reconnect the Receiver, then restore power to it and the TV. If that doesn’t work, the issue is likely with the TV’s backlight or inverter.

Apart from that, there are a few Tips to prevent shortening the backlight bulb life:

1) Avoid overheating your TV. To prevent that keep your backlight system well ventilated.

2) Avoid turning your TV on and off repeatedly without allowing it time to cool down inbetween.

With that being said, I hope I could help you in any way. Please keep me updated and feel free to ask further questions.

Greetings from Cologne


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