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Why do I have sound but no picture?

Why do I have sound but no picture?

My Philips tv is around 2/2.5 years old. There is only sound, no picture just a black screen. What can I do myself to try a fix this?


You should check thed screen beacouse it is only the image that it is mising not the sound but unfurtunatly screens are no longer avalavle in publuc so you should take it to a factory repairment

Factory reset using remote. From home screen go to right pointing arrow in top right side of screen to settings and do reset at the bottom of the list. This happened to me because of a usb drive not properly ejected. Sound and picture is okay except live tv. I could watch my apps but not antenna tv. This appeared to be my only option.

The FIRST suspect for no picture would be the backlight. Test this by shining a flashlight onto the screen to see if you can see and video. If you can, then you have a backlight issue. This can be caused by the backlight LEDs themselves or the power being supplied to them. Now you must get inside to figure out what it is.

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