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Why does my bose doesn't turn on and while charging red light flashes

Why does my bose doesn't turn on and while charging red light flashes

Why does my bose soundlink mini 2 doesn't get turn and while charging red light flashes so what is the problem thank you


"I did a ton of research online and through trial and error, this fixed the ""blinking red light"" problem on my SLM2.

1. Go to http://btu.bose.com - it will prompt you to download the bose update application. Once you do that the application should be running in the background.

2. Go back to http://btu.bose.com and run through the prompts. (You should have your SLM2 connected to your computer via USB cable)

3. If you get the screen that prompts you to connect your device (even if it is connected) - try a different USB cable. Some cables are meant for data transfer and some for charging. I ran into this problem and tried 5 different cables until it finally connected.

4. Once your SLM2 is detected by your computer on the http://btu.bose.com site, type ""a, d, v"" followed by up arrow, down arrow. This will open up the Advanced Settings menu.

5. The screen will then show your firmware number (ie. 1.1.14). Use the drop down menu to select the previous firmware version and this will run the update.

At around 80% your SLM2 should power on and Viola. Finish the update process and your SLM2 should be good as new.

The biggest problem I ran into was the cable. I attempted updating on Mac and Windows, switched 2-3 cables. I finally changed to the 5th cable and it was finally detected.

For some that have stated that you have the most current firmware version, this fix somehow resets the SLM2 through downgrading. You can always upgrade back to the most current firmware version once you unbrick your SLM2.

P.S. This fix seems to work for many people with a SoundLink Mini II that won’t turn on; however, firmware updates/downgrades are only available for the Mini II and not the first generation Mini. You can see a list of other common problems/solutions for the original Mini on the SoundLink Mini Won’t Turn on When Connected to Power page."

Hello , had the same problem , but on the website , they said that my BOSE is up to date… and i cant do this step :

Fix the blinking red light issue on the Bose Soundlink Mini 2 Speaker in 10 minutes!

Needs an update go to Bose BTU Website and update there

I have this problem now - when you use that menu…. it must be patched, no other versions show up.

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