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Why does my rubber drain hose stick together?

Why does my rubber drain hose stick together?

I've made sure there is no clogs anywhere. I then removed my pump and brought it to an appliance repair technician. He hooked the pump up to and identical machine and told me that the pump was in great working condition.


"So 1 of 2 things are happening. You have a clog or your hose is old. For the hose to crush like you're saying there has to be a pressure differential...likely being created by the pump. The fact that the hose is crushing means the pump is working fine, there's a clog up stream. You said you made sure that there are no clogs, how did you do this? Is it possible you missed a clog? Or maybe a clog can be caused by the clothes in the machine (sorry I haven't handled one of these machines up close and personal).

If the hose is old, it could be weak. Also, if it was (or is) kinked, it could be damaged or at least soft in that kinked spot, allowing for easy crushing. Make sure the hose is in good condition, or try just replacing it. Hose is cheap!"

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