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Why is audio going out in one side?

Why is audio going out in one side?

Sound on the left side goes in and out depending on how the headphones are adjusted and sitting on my head. I can usually get sound to come back by pressing the headphones close to my ear but I have to keep my head in a fix position.


"Bryan Gallagher sounds like either the crossover cable has a short in it or some connection on the driver (speaker) has come loose. This teardown Beats Studio 2.0 Exploratory Teardown should help you getting to the connections. Check for anything abnormal looking. If unsure post some pictures of what you find with your QUESTION Adding images to an existing question

That way we can see what you see. Remember the reason for iFixit to host this forum is to keep devices out of the landfill and to empower everyone to repair their own devices. So keep on repairing away; Repair is Noble"

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