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Why is it my click wheel gets stuck under the front panel?

Why is it my click wheel gets stuck under the front panel?

i ordered front panel, rear panel, replacement battery, headphone jack and hold switch and click wheel (with electronics) from i fixit and i put it all together, then once its all together i notice that the click wheel seems too be kinda stuck under the front panel on the left side because when i press the previous song button it makes a loud click noise instead of the usual quiet noise, i even took it apart and put it together 3-4 times, same everytime, what could it be? did they sell me a part thats not "Exact Fit", and also i want to "Stick" the battery to the rear panel along with all the ribbon cables, can i use krazy glue or what?


Check on the click wheel there is a metal frame the is made to provide some of the spring action you can adjust it by bending it a little and that will enable you to adjust the wheel inside the front plate. Also of course you made sure that the wheel is line up with the notches in the front plate. I would not use crazy glue for the battery. Use another liquid glues to gets sticky but eventually can be removed. Any liquid glue would be better than crazy glue. PITA to remove at a later time if you ever have to. Good luck and I hope this helps.

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