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Why is my car not starting and showing code 89

Why is my car not starting and showing code 89 My 2012 chevrolet cruze is giving problem to start as if my battery if flat bt all the lights and hooter are working properly.When i turn the key the alternator turns a little bit and gives me code 89.When i jump start the car it starts without any problem.my battery was serviced and the car could start atleast 4 times after that but then it started with the problem the next day

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mcgyver89 [Entry]


Check the output from the alternator.

Use a DMM (Digital Multimeter _ Voltmeter function) and connect it across the battery terminals with the engine running, (Be careful when you do this as the engine is running!)

The Voltmeter should read between 13.8-14.4V DC. If it is less than 13.8V DC then the alternator is not charging the battery and it will slowly go flat.

If this is the case take your car to an auto electrician to get the alternator checked."