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Why will my Samsung Gear Fit no longer charge?

Why will my Samsung Gear Fit no longer charge? I've had this for about 9 months now (had another, but lost it on a mountain), and it just stopped being able to charge. Tried switching cables, but that didn't help. Watch is now dead and still not charging

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mcgyver89 [Entry]

"Replace the battery..

Replace the battery.."
mcgyver89 [Entry]

Check the backside of the watch. I have a similar problem except my issue involves the 2 visible copper charging contacts being corroded and rusting off from perspiration, and also showering with the watch on. My contacts will need to be replaced very soon in order for my watch to continue to charge. In your case...I would check to see if those contacts are damaged. If not, I think the earlier comment to change the battery would be a wise second step. Hope this helps. I'm just browsing right now to find a way to order those copper contacts. Good luck!