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How to solve 2:n=n:55=12:66=22:n?

How to solve 2:n=n:55=12:66=22:n?

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2/(11) = (10)/55 = 12/66 = 22/121

Please refer below for the solution in detail:

What we're gonna do is to find the first 'n', how are we gonna do that? by applying the cross product rule.

Cross product rule involves 2 ratios or fractions separated by an equal sign. It is where the numerator of the other is multiplied to the denominator of the another fraction/ratio involved until we get the unknown.

First, Let's find the pair of ratios from the given that would only shows us one unknown,

12/66 = 22/n

Then, apply cross product rule.

12(n) = 66(22)

n = 121

Next, let's find the next fraction having one unknown and let's use the previous fraction/ratio with the first value of 'n':  

n/55 = 22/121

n(121) = 55(22)

n = 10

Then same goes for finding the value for the last 'n':

2/n = 10/55

(55)2 = 10(n)

n = 11

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