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"Save as webpage, complete" problem?

"Save as webpage, complete" problem?

I have a problem when I am trying to save web page from browser using "Save as Webpage, complete" some of CSS/Javascript/Image are not saved, thus when I reopen saved page offline webpage can't display properly. How do I solve this?

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Guest [Entry]

"Have you tried other browsers like Chrome or Opera? IIRC Opera's ""Save As"" function is quite good.

Like hairbymaurice said, if it's your own web page then you must have the files your designer can edit.

If it's not your web page then why would you want to edit it? Sounds like you're trying to steal/copy the site to me."
Guest [Entry]

"In FF25.0.1, this worked:

open about:config in the NavBar
accept warning
search for ""save"" & find browser.download.save_converter_index. This was originally set to 1, but on resetting (right click & choose Reset) it changed to 0 which immediately resolved the problem."