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What was the earliest foreign influence to come to japan?

What was the earliest foreign influence to come to japan?

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"To many people, Japan appears to stand alone in the east as a very unique country that somehow has managed to create its own culture without any foreign influence. The truth is that Japan like every other country has been influenced by other cultures and in this case, China is the country that provided it with its earliest foreign influence. Early Japanese scholars would usually study in China to get the best education at the time. Such trips would bring back, not only souvenirs but also ideas. This is the reason why we can we see a similarity between Japanese and Chinese architecture. Returning Japanese residents have also brought Buddhism with them. The people themselves have a large percentage of Chinese blood in them and it is obvious in their appearance.  

By using positive foreign influences along with their traditions during their early isolation, the Japanese people have cultivated virtues like discipline, hard work, and being a perfectionist to create a unique culture that is admired all over the world.

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