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How to Stop Enfactory or Entertainment Factory From Sending Message to Your Mobile Phone?

If you accidentally subscribe to Enfactory or Entertainment Factory's services, your mobile phone or cellphone's account balance might be deducted per message sent from Enfactory. Some are surprised why their load (5 pesos or 10 pesos) are magically gone when they load their cellphones. Many mobile phone users are complaining with the unintentional subscription of its services. If you're one of them, you should follow the procedures below in order to opt out or unsubscribe from Enfactory and avoid unwanted charges.
Unsubcribe Mobile Phone from Enfactory Messages
Enfactory offers different kinds of services. I'm not sure what type of service you're subscribing for. Follow the instruction below:
1.) You should determine who is the sender of the message, content or media.
2.) Take note of the sender's number. Some examples of Enfactory's number they use are 2474, 33123, 31300, 16261, 5444, etc. They use different numbers.
3.) Text STOP ALL and send to the number who sent the message, content or media. Examples would be:
  • Text STOP ALL and send to 2474 if the sender is 2474.
  • Text STOP ALL and send to 33123 if the sender is 33123
  • Text STOP ALL and send to 16261 if the sender is 16261
Other Options of Unsubscribing from EnFactory
  • Text EF OFF and send to 2474
Now you get the idea on how to unsubscribe to Enfactory's media services.
To give you an idea on what types of content Enfactory are sending, here are some of them:
  • IQ Test
  • Horoscope
  • Tarot Reading
  • Music
  • Videos
  • Images
  • Application
  • Sexy or erotic videos of women
  • The Owl's Test: How smart you are test
  • Buddy or Friend Locator
  • Popularity Test: How popular you are?
  • Body Age Test
  • Marriage Test: When will you get married?
  • Polygraph: Lie Detector Application for Mobile Phone
  • Turn Your Cellphone Into A X-Ray Scanner
  • The Baron Mobile Game
  • Discover what your baby will look like
  • Get your content from your favorite stars
  • Black Shark 2 Siberia Mobile Game
Remember: If you receive unwanted content to your mobile phone and decreases or it deducts your load (account balance), take note of the sender's number and text STOP ALL and send to the sender's number in order to unsubscribe to its services.
This method applies to mobile phone users from other countries as well.
Save your money, save your load.
If you're still having a problem or if you still receive messages, content or media from Enfactory, tell us in the comment below.
Or is your phone load (account balance) still deducted after unsubscription? Do you have another method of unsubscribing from Entertainment Factory (Enfactory)?
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Mosmirah acob [Entry]

Ok sure
Babyjane Espenida [Entry]

It doesn't work they said i dont have any subscription
Babyjane Espenida [Entry]

I send it all but it doesn't work they said i dont have any subscription.
Beverly R ebreo [Entry]

Pls help me to unsubscribe to entertainment factory, I ve already send the code stop all to 2474 but it doesn't work, what will I do
Nennen [Entry]

Thank you!
MaJilicious [Entry]

It worked. Thank you so much.
Sam [Entry]

Kept sending EF OFF and STOP ALL but it hasn't replied if I'm already unsubscribed. Please help
Christian Jay Cruz [Entry]

Sinend ko po yung STOP ALL at EF OFF, pero hindi po siya nasesend. Ano po pwedeng gawin?
Bryan [Entry]

Please help me how to subscribe
rafael [Entry]

Every keyword you said didn't work please help me to unsubscribe
Isreal [Entry]

It really worked
Adamseclpz [Entry]

PLs mine is not working,help me out! My airtime deducting
E-Factory Worker [Entry]

EF OFF to 2474
Katuray [Entry]

Try EF OFF send 2474. It really worked!
michael [Entry]

Still having the same response of message tranfer rejected,please help me out
Marjune [Entry]

How to unsubscribe this Mag-load lang ng kahit anong P20 promo load at pwede ka na mag-SPIN ng TNT Panalo Wheel and win instant prizes! Kada spin, may instant pa-premyo.. Send for 4595

Text for smart Your subscription to Entertainment Factory has been suspended. To continue use the service, load your account please; otherwise your subscription will be stopped at 2016-10-28 00:00:00.
kuma [Entry]

I have used all these codes but it's still not deactivated. They keep telling me short message transfer rejected. What's the next step?
kuma [Entry]

Please I have sent fun off, stop all, quit and all but it's still jot deactivated, they keep telling me short message transfer rejected.
marv [Entry]


Charles [Entry]

I unsubscribed to EFactory but I still can't get my load back.
Editha Jimenez [Entry]

I cant send a message to 2474. I dont know why. I dont need a load, i am in a postpaid plan.
Joel Llorca Principe [Entry]

Hello good day!!! I Did already to send a STOP ALL to the sender of 2474, but the following day i will receive again a message from 2474. please help me to how to stop sending from Entertainment Factory. Thank you.
Atina Arrieta [Entry]

I have already send text STOP ALL to 2474 but the following day i will receive again a message from 2474 pls stop this message im not interested thanks