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Lost or Stolen DBP ATM Card: What to Do?

If your ATM Card from DBP (Development Bank of the Philippines) has been lost or stolen, here are the important things you should do:
1. Immediately report the lost/stolen ATM card to DBP Customer Service Hotline Number:
  • (02) 818-9511 to 20
  • (02) 818-9611 to 20
  • 1-800-10-327888 (Domestic Toll Number)
You can also report it to DBP branch where you opened the ATM account. It's very important to report the incident as quickly as possible in order to avoid unauthorized use of your ATM card. In other words, to prevent someone from accessing your ATM account.

2. When you report the lost/stolen ATM card, you must inquire the transaction history of your ATM card particularly the latest transaction made on your ATM. This will give you an idea whether it was accessed by a different person other than you or your authorized representative.

3. Visit a DBP branch and request for a replacement of your ATM card. Bank fees may apply.

4. Your new ATM card will be ready for claiming within 3 to 5 business days.

DBP ATM card
DBP ATM card (photo)

Remember: Transaction problems should be reported immediately.

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joy paladan   (01 December 2020 6:46 AM) [Entry]

i had a dbp atm for my pag-ibig loan 2years ago, i would like to apply for a new loan but i can't find my atm card. will i need to request for replacement or pag ibig will issued another one. thanks

RABAYA USMAN TAGOLANAO   (10 August 2019 3:24 PM) [Entry]

i lost my atm card the other day and wish it to be blocked immediately.

Arvin   (26 June 2019 5:45 PM) [Entry]

Lost my atm card today.pwde po pa block.ano po hotline nyo.thank you

Arjay B. Galo   (13 February 2019 4:50 AM) [Entry]

The card that was lost is DBP card & its for my loan from Pag-ibig. I lost it yesterday including my wallet & the case is i'm still waiting for my loan benefits because they are still on the process of merging . I'm wondering if you can block that card and you can provide me a new card.Hoping for your immediate response. Thank you.

Elvie Sarzuela   (11 January 2019 9:00 AM) [Entry]

I want to report my ATM card for payroll that is missing right now.

Angel   (05 December 2018 1:02 AM) [Entry]

No. 4 is not true, DBP should change it. As to my experience Ive lost my card, applied for replacement. Nov. 14 my loan at Pagibig was approved, I called they said I have to wait 10 days. I called on the 9th day, they said I still need to wait 3 more days. I called on the 4th day, they said They will give update tomorrow. I called the next day and they told me they will just give me an update, . Today was December 5.

alezandra mandi   (13 October 2018 5:50 PM) [Entry]

i lost my atm card with a large amount of money, can i transfer the money to a new card?

Jocell Estudillo   (18 June 2018 6:33 AM) [Entry]

I just lost my atm card.gusto q sana ipa block para hindi magamit ng iba.

Gaily Anne Villanueva   (10 June 2017 5:12 PM) [Entry]

Hindi ko po nakuha ang ATM Card sa machine, dahil pagkatapos ko mag balance inquiry hindi na ako nag transaction ulit. Hindi ko po malaman kong nakuha ng iba ang card ko o na captured ng machine.

sundewmar salapan   (29 April 2017 3:26 PM) [Entry]

I would like to ask about this, its my first time to experience of having responded by the ATM "Sorry I Cannot Process your cannot... But when i try to inquire online i have my savings... What shall I do? Please help!!!

Paul John Rigor T. Padrigo   (28 April 2017 11:28 PM) [Entry]

I lost my ATM card 29/04/2017

Allen Rey Magbanua Yecla   (14 February 2017 1:30 PM) [Entry]

i lost my dbp card.

Jeana Sarroza   (12 August 2015 10:41 AM) [Entry]

I lost my Atm card last Sunday,August 9,2015..I'm here in Canada..what should I do?. thank you..

isabel   (30 May 2015 10:09 AM) [Entry]

Dear sir/madame
My sis lost my atm card but I am now here In US for 1yr. How can I process the card in behalf of me?

Carol Joy Elvinia   (28 May 2015 8:01 PM) [Entry]

Good evening. I sign up for an online site for extra income. They asked for my card number, expiration date and the last 3 digits of the number at the back of my card. I did not give my final say. I'm worried. Will they be able to access my money without even knowing my pin number? Is it possible that they can get money without my consent? I really need to have answers to my queries. Your response is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

rhoda robis   (09 May 2015 5:25 PM) [Entry]

Good Day!
I am a public school teacher from Catarman N. Samar. I would like to clariffy if the Manager of the Bank has a right to unblocked a DBP ATM Card without the consent or knowledge of the card holder as the card is reported blocked. Im looking forward to your response.
Thank You.

Marion   (26 June 2013 9:50 AM) [Entry]

Hi Sir/Madam,

It was indicated under item # 4. (Your new ATM card will be ready for claiming within 3 to 5 business days.) but untill now my uncle's DBP ATM Card is not yet available. He filed an affidavit of loss and requested for replacement last June 11, 2013 at DBP Commonwealth Branch, DBP Bldg. Commonwealth Ave. Diliman, QC with OR#0045800 dated June 6, 2013. The bank says, that it will be available after 1 week, but until now it was not available. He made already 2 visits at their office.

Thanks for your thoughts and concern on the above situation.