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Handry Satriago breaks a record

Handry Satriago is truly a "runner". He is on sprint track. He was present at long-distance lines. And, gosh! He made a shot in the cross-marathon. Stagnation, and comfort zone are the "obstacle course" which perserverance and endurance are almost unimpeachable. Yes, life is like a running course that Handry thrills about. It depicts unlimited potential of a human being despite limitations.
Handry Satriago
Picture of Handry Satriago - CEO of GE (General Electric) Indonesia
Along the way he accumulated several "title" to make people - perhaps - captivated and dubbed him "Wonderkid" and the like. I do not know. But it's kinda not appropriate nickname. For Handry, a 41 year-old man, everyday is a persistent fight against the odds. Excerpts from a friend when school seems more aptly describes Handry: "He is a comeback kid, he sure is - he always returned to the arena alive with enthusiasm - no matter how difficult it is."
In 1987, cancer paralyzes Handry's both legs, and move him to a wheelchair at the age of 18 years, until now. From a long and daunting point, the teenager woke up, in the wheelchair, and then convert it to a partner - and not a hindrance. From the top of the chair, Handry again explores the years of his life like a runner with target pursuit of excellence: being the best.
Now, 23 years later ....
On the ground floor of BRI building in Sudirman, South Jakarta - one the most prestigious business centers in the capital - Handry occupies the office of President of the General Electric Indonesia. General Electric (GE) is a giant world-class energy technology and with 130 years of history. Founded by Thomas Alva Edison in America, the company is present in Indonesia since 70 years ago - and now present in more than 100 countries.
Handry, only child of a family of Minangkabau migrants is simple, was appointed as GE Indonesia CEO since September 1, 2010. Two at once he breaks the record: the first of the university graduates in the country who fill the position of President of GE Indonesia, and the youngest leader in the global history of General Electric.
Achievement is not born from empty space, of course.
As a Bogor Agricultural University alumnus, Handry is a national role model student in 1993. He achieved cum laude twice in the study period - and passed the doctoral strategic management at the University of Indonesia in July, amid hectic schedule as the Director of GE Energy Power Generation in ASEAN.
He joined General Electric in 1997, Handry could handle GE Lighting Division. In two years, agricultural engineer was catapulted this division revenue from zero to U.S. $ 3 million (nearly USD 30 billion). "He has a sort of business acumen to think out of the box. That makes him sniff out the potential success that other people fail to see, "said the national young entrepreneurs.
Similar to "bunker", the Handry's office is simple and effecient: far from the impression of "power office". There is one desk, small bookcase, a set of sofas, conference table and single door refrigerator which stores boxes of juice and tea and Diet Coke. Near the window, a rug draped over a wooden coat hanger.

Question and Answer Interview of Handry Satriago

What criteria that you accept a job first?
The first condition should there still be things that I learn constantly in place, there must be challenges. If everything is closed and I became a robot, that is when I go - no matter how good his work.
No matter how great?
No matter how great! I always need to boil the spirit of passion, made me feel alive, I might find in a place that still gives me the opportunity to learn.
Thirteen years you did not move from General Electric. That means this place makes you learn continuously?
Exactly! My idea is to grow the company, ideas need to grow. But I also must grow. And that I find the widest in the GE. We always have something new, every year there are new talks, new execution. We are not afraid to make mistakes, and we learn from mistakes. That's the way we work, and make the advanced GE equipment for 130 years.
Okay, what do you think of when accepting the position of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of GE in Indonesia?
GE should be a partner in a business in our country, and not just as a supplier, equipment supplier. I think "Indonesian products' first lead GE Indonesia.
"Product of Indonesia" in what sense?
In a sense I went to school here and live here. My team is wholly an Indonesian. When your friends know this position is offered, all happy and very encouraging: "Come on, Handry, let's rock, let's do something." We want to make GE's useful to Indonesia, and it was not just through philanthropic programs.
The problem GE became business partners, can you explain more detail?
Yes, business partners, and not just project-based or as an equipment supplier. But partners. September 2009, Jeff Immelt (CEO and Chairman of General Electric - Ed.) came to Indonesia. On that occasion, he spoke to us. Jeff said, Indonesia has always been a futures market, future market, to GE. Sitting in the back when it was, I replied, "Jeff, we were tired of constantly hearing of Indonesia as a future market. It has been 20 years we hear about it. Why do not we do anything differently, making Indonesia "market now"?
So this is about changing the mindset?
Yes! But the change in mindset is a matter of fundamental importance. Therefore, the decision to treat Indonesia as the future market and now the market will affect how all of GE's businesses will be run in Indonesia.
What Jeff Immelt response to your proposal?
He bought the idea. One year after meeting, we made many changes in Indonesia. We employ more local strategy, more people of Indonesia who led GE. Even now I can say all of GE's leader in our country are the people of Indonesia. And I was very happy. So, once Jeff agreed, the effect is like an orchestra. Once the conductor signaled okay, everybody plays their music section.
And part of what you play when it?
Being one person in charge of revenue stream, revenue. Then, suddenly, I get this new job as chief executive for Indonesia (Indonesian President GE - Ed.)
What's your first response to this new position?
Very pleased, of course, especially in terms of that I became NX (national executive - Ed.) GE to Indonesia, in the territory of my homeland. I can guide, in terms of business, how to sell GE to Indonesia and "sell" Indonesia to GE. If I become national executive in another country, despite the potential for much larger businesses, it seems the story is different.
And that's one reason you are proposing a change in mindset GE saw the Indonesian market: the market of the future into today's market?
Look. Basically, it's not just about doing business in a multinational company, but how to make GE more useful for Indonesia. To become a market now, we can not just work on project basis, or become mere suppliers - no matter how much the value of its business - but we must become business partners.
Among the list of dreams, Handry put "back to campus" in the top quartile. "I really like teaching. I used to teach at the weekend classes. "Being a teacher, according to Handry, providing luxury that he could not find in other professions. "Imagine, in a cafe, someone comes to greet: 'Sir, I used to be your student, now has become this and that.' It feels soo good, I was able to smile all day," he said.
Her house in Tebet is more like the residence of a teacher than the national executive of a world-class multinationals. The entire wall filled with books workspace, almost touching the ceiling. The Book of neatly arranged various disciplines - economics, management, energy, science, literature - until encyclopedia traveling. Handry is a voracious reader. He devoured the books of high mathematics or energy complex theories with the same passion boiling like reading the novels of literary classics. "My novels of this type of old school," he said.
Love Handry also melted on blues music - which he called "an oasis" in tough times. Reading or listening to music is how he relaxes himself at his home, casual, friendly, and full of Balinese paintings and family memorabilia. The playhouse was upright in the area of ​​West Tebet, South Jakarta. Yard overgrown with shrubs several points of interest - making his porch warmer.
Sorry, we can know, about as much as what you become the National Executive of GE to Indonesia?
Well, that question would you rather give to my boss, or team evaluate me. But, if a personal evaluation that I need to do, more or less so: I know Indonesia very well, I live here, I know very well the GE after 13 years we were together. I once worked with business projects to the business customer (consumer). I have a sort of intuition about what to do GE in Indonesia. And most of all, I loved, really loved Indonesia.
Loving Indonesia is one thing, but represent him at the GE Global map is something else ....
I never stop learning about the subject of competition, and learn why we, Indonesia, has not been quite competitive. One of the keys in the competition is the spirit, passion, to partner GE multinational company with Indonesia. There should be a able to bring Indonesia as something that really means. And should anyone dare to say, "Hey, look I can do that for GE."
And are you sure That you have That ability?
I feel I posses That: how to Represent Indonesia to GE and vice versa! Last year, I witnessed GE Chairman Jeff Immelt meeting with the Head of the Investment Coordinating Board Gita Wirjawan and Minister of Trade Mari Pangestu. I am very proud to represent Indonesia witnessed both of them and understand well the context of Indonesia at the meeting.
Indonesia as a potential market of today, what did you see?
Over the years we have repeatedly heard people say that Indonesia is rich in natural resources and resources. Now we are in the background is somewhat different. Why? Indonesia's political situation is more stable, more transparent. For us, this is a good time to further develop business networks in Indonesia.
Because of our macroeconomic good?
Yes, and the ministers who handle these areas are able to work very well. Another Momentum, our GDP increased domestic targets and automatically boosts infrastructure needs. Well, GE has many plans regarding infrastructure, which of course we need to execute properly and successfully.
What are the main difficulties faced by GE in Indonesia? 
Transparency has always been considered an issue that many multinational companies who want to invest in Indonesia. My point, transparency must be wrong for the attraction of investing in Indonesia is greater. Second, the issue of human resources. If we want to make Indonesia a center of excellence, we can not just look into, but must dare to compare with other countries.
Can you explain more detail?
At this level, we no longer talk about a percentage of the performance we ride in the country, or a percentage of revenue increase. The count should be much more than that. For example, if we engineer better at it than the Thai engineers, scientists, or whether we are more adept than the Indian scientists.
What kind of business performance that GE Indonesia has against it "brothers" in ASEAN?
Details should be checked again, but as I recall for the last year Thailand and Malaysia are still in front of Indonesia.
This is what we heard: You believe GE could develop into much larger in Indonesia. Right?
Yes, I am very confident for two reasons. First, we now have a complete team, 100 percent here are Indonesian. But far more important than that, we have a spirit and have the same passion for "running", which in the past was not like this. Second, products and services we really match with what is needed in today's Indonesia country. So the key is mempertautkan interests of GE and Indonesia as a unified, then execute him.
Among all who ever crossed his life, there is the figure of the past which had never been issued a longing and loss in Handry. The figure was aware of him - until now - that running, climbing trees, hiking, or walking around the campfire at night school camp is not something taken for granted - but the gift of life.
The figure is Handry Satriago adolescents, with a pair of strong legs and intact. On his Facebook account, the teen's portrait plastered: handsome, fresh, with a broad smile and independence. Keriwil Her hair length, increment-increment, crawl all over her face and shoulders. "That boy was taken away from me in the middle of my glory" time ..., "her voice is heavy, and suddenly becomes slow.
Lymphatic cancer teenager scored into three full months of giddy, at the beginning of his illness. She screamed to God, why have the heart to cut its ideals become experts in science and learn to lands far away. His parents managed to touch the turning point of awareness their only child. Both emphasize, colorful real life remains normal. But Handry must decide what color paint he wanted to "his personal canvas."
The boy answered with back to school, took a series of brilliant achievements in academic and professional career. And especially to receive sick and all its effects as an integral part of his life. "Cancer and this wheelchair gives me far more than taking it," he said earnestly.
We may ask that a little personal? Your academic and professional success. You are now in good health. So what you do not have?
I do not have legs to run, but I'd love to run. I really miss my classes on campus, but now I really have not had time to make it happen.
Is there anything you do not like the job now?
Yes, there are also. Formalities one of them. Formality is not my Things. I have one suit at the office and prefer to go to work wearing T-shirts. If I had to come to formal occasions, or having to meet people that I never knew, I wear batik or jacket. But, if customers old friends, they do not mind me wearing jerseys.
What do you answer that if anyone asks about your life in a wheelchair?
Used to be hell at length replied. But not for long bored too, if every time you have to explain the same thing. So the answer is down, ha-ha-ha ....
Ha-ha-ha .... Fall where, then?
Oh, off the cliff Citatah. Brief. Fast. Radiating a masculine image, ha-ha-ha ... and make people not to inquire further. If the answer fell from the motorcycle, the length again: in what way, what brand bike.
Okay, okay, but honestly talking you if this matter is discussed back and forth?
I long to think about it. People ask, people write about me, about grief, this wheelchair, and so forth. Until I decided on one point: even if it is the story of "sadness" can make me give inspiration to many people not to despair, so be it! I do not mind doing it.
This is classic, but we want to know: what are the biggest source of your strength? My parents, who never treated me differently after I was sick. My friends at the Lab School (SMU Lab School Rawamangun - Ed.) And IPB. I feel alive and very strong if it is believed that I could afford. And that's what I get from them. Then I met my wife, who has always been a major source of my strength.
Among a collection of his best friend, we easily find the name of Princess Sriardani Sambodja Dinar. Both met at General Electric, and be friends. Dinar, according Handry, a great friend. Both are fond of reading, arguing, watching various genres of film, fun chatting until insignificantly. Oh yes, and there is always music. Dinar play piano, guitar picking Handry minimally.
Comradeship is an intense color change when the love grow - slowly and solid. Handry fell in love with dilute brained Dinar - now he is a notary who had his own office - and beautiful, with a line of beauty "very Indonesia": jet hair, dangling to her waist; copper brown skin, like liquid honey color. Handry depicts the dinar in a nice metaphor: "She is a rainbow with strong color of friendship," he said. "We have one camp very, very clicked, I am very comfortable with her."
Two friends are getting married on a day in May 2001.
We heard that you want on the pilgrimage?
Yes, I went to the Holy Land early November.
Sorry, again for this personal question: Can we know your relationship with God so far?
Good, very good. In the early days of pain, I complained constantly, constantly asking, but now much better. As I said to you, and it's true: now I can see clearly, how the cancer has given me far more than take it. ***

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