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Doing Your CPA Exam Prep While Working?

Doing Your CPA Exam Prep While Working?
CPA Exam preparation is more difficult than you might think. When you're also working, it becomes more difficult. The battle is genuine. This is my firsthand account of my time working as an office assistant at a Texas law company after finishing college. The objective is to complete college with an accounting-related subject, and I was successful in completing my Bachelor of Science in Accounting. When I graduated from college and had to start paying for my own apartment, the issue arose. You start to understand the responsibilities of maturity at this point when you enter adulthood. Even though I'm not a CPA yet, I was forced to work. After graduation, the original intention was for me to sit for the CPA Exam, but because of a financial crisis in our family, I had to act like an adult. I'm 24 years old, live alone, and support myself financially. My financial situation is greatly improved by my job as an office clerk. On my list, there is one aim that is unattained. The goal is to become a CPA. I therefore began to reflect and consider things from many angles. I need my employment to make ends meet, but I still want to become a CPA. This year, I chose to sit for the CPA Exam. I'm hoping to complete all Four Sections within a year or so. Ever since I graduated from college, I haven't taken the exam. In order to work and pay the bills, I had to put it on wait. I was wrong about how insane things are. It's challenging to pass the CPA exam. There are numerous conditions that must be met, which fortunately I managed to do just in time for the exam. I currently have two months until my first section exam. I'm eager to complete this. The studying is currently the biggest issue. If I wasn't working at the same time, it would be a piece of cake to complete. I enjoy learning. When I was in college, I enjoyed studying and gave my course my full attention. I maintain equilibrium. However, things are much more difficult than I anticipated now that I'm also working. It is undoubtedly difficult to multitask. The role of time management was involved. My ability to manage two tasks at once is crucial. I must therefore arrive home as early as possible to study after working 8 to 9 hours a day. I spend 5 to 6 hours studying before going to bed. The following two months' schedule is the same till I finish an exam and await the results. There will still be three sections. I suppose all I have to do is wait and keep my attention on this objective. I can handle this. Right?

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