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The Man-Made World-Destructing Invention

The Man-Made World-Destructing Invention
"""The connection between money, finance, the economy, and the imminent end of the planet is clear. Most people who see nothing wrong with harming the environment and taking all they can from others have greed and the accumulation of wealth as their top priorities. Their aim is to accumulate as much as they can while demonstrating their superiority to the rest of the globe. They are unaware of their poverty.

As a result of my reincarnation and a powerful connection to the Spirit of the Universe, I have been able to gain a broad perspective. It called to take me away from the outside world and teach me the meaning of existence at a moment presented to me between incarnations.

It's a straightforward tale, but most people who attempt to comprehend it in the context of religious doctrine and the effects of human avarice on the environment would find it difficult to grasp. Despite the fact that this is the only planet on which we can survive, man is destroying it at a rapid rate in order to make money to put in the bank or an investment portfolio.

Can they truly believe that this is what their lives are for? However, it appears that this is exactly what their purpose in being here is.

My first task is to dismantle the barrier of blindness and rescue God's people who are hidden behind a barrier of deceit and confusion. It was crucial to comprehend how and why things had come to be in order to achieve that goal. The earth and all life on it are in danger as we stand on the verge of extinction.

Man's imagination and the false gods he has concocted to account for existence and death have built that wall. Men created heaven and hell in an effort to gain power, and they utilized them to persuade others to share their beliefs and aspirations. They became true in their eyes if they could persuade others of their beliefs.

Religions have become so influential and wealthy as a result. The leaders have little understanding of the Spirit, and they prioritize money over reason. All one needs to do is look at how many people commit themselves when they are facing financial disaster to see that through trade and later the dominance of nations, wealth became more important than life itself.

Money is meaningless! Except when the Spirit uses it to end life, it has no place in the way the world works. The tragedy is being oversaw by those who are hungry enough to get trapped in its web. That is in line with Old Testament predictions that this day will arrive."""

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