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Twitter: The Ideal Partner for Microsoft?

Twitter: The Ideal Partner for Microsoft?
"""Twitter (TWTR), which has recently been depressed by weak revenues, has grown increasingly alluring to prospective suitors, but who best fits the bill? Microsoft (MSFT) seems to be the best fit in my opinion.


It's easy; after the software giant recently acquired LinkedIn (which, ideally, will soon be included into the widely used Office suite), Twitter would offer Office a strong social network component.

According to Twitter, there are over 300 million monthly active users. However, it is estimated by Twitter Scraper that its overall reach is close to 800 million. Of course, this also applies to tweets that appear elsewhere, such as at the bottom of reality TV shows, news stories, athletic events, etc.

Unfortunately, Twitter just revealed that the number of users climbed by 1% from the previous quarter to the current quarter. That, of course, did not help its case with investors.

Twitter just released a new client app called Nuzzel to combat this ostensible slowdown in growth. This new tool reveals to regular Twitter users which links are shared most frequently by persons they follow.

In order to provide users with even more pertinent content, a new moments tab was added.

However, users continue to struggle with finding the enormous amount of content that Twitter continues to produce. How, for instance, can a researcher who is a student or a professional looking for information on a particular subject swiftly search Twitter?

But what if Microsoft bought Twitter and incorporated it into the Office program?

Imagine having the ability to tweet directly from Outlook and having the power of social media. Before an email is delivered to its intended recipients, it is simple to tweet it (or portions of it) to a group with just a few mouse clicks.

Or consider having the option to tweet all (or a portion of) a Word document to specific groups while it is still being written.

Allowing all (or a portion of) a spreadsheet to be tweeted out to a group once again would be beneficial for Excel (s).

Entire presentations might be tweeted to certain groups in Publisher and PowerPoint. Just the almost instantaneous input would be worth the cost.

Sadly, only Access might be left behind because most users wouldn't have a need to tweet individual tables or a complete database.

In my honest view, Microsoft should seriously consider purchasing Twitter at its current price before another suitor snatches it up and a bidding war breaks out.""" - https://www.affordablecebu.com/

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