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Unclaimed money in MLhuillier: What will happen?

What if you've send money thru MLhuillier and the receiver didn't claimed it in 1 month or after 30 days?

What will happen to this unclaimed money in MLhuillier? Can you get the money back?

Or do MLhuillier disallowed the sender to get the money back?

Unclaimed money in Mlhuillier


You can still get the money back if it's not claimed by the receiver after a month or after 30 days.

But you need to pay Php500 service fee per month for not claiming the money after 30 days.

So if your receiver didn't claim the money after 2 months, you need to pay Php1,000 (Php500 service fee per month multiplied by 2 months = Php1,000 total service fee).

Example, if you sent Php5,000 to a person and that person didn't claim the money after 2 months, you can get the money back but you need to pay Php1,000 for the 2 months service fees. So, the remaining balance (money) you can claim is Php4,000.

That's it. So make sure your receiver will claim the money within a month to avoid the Php500 service fees.

What can you say about this very high service fee of MLhuillier? Tell us in the comment below.

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