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Common Bisaya/Cebuano Conversations and Phrases in Dating (Lovers)

Do you want to impress your beloved Filipina or Filipino with actual Bisaya/Cebuano conversations and phrases during dating or courting. Try to use some of these powerful Bisaya/Cebuano dating conversations. English to Cebuano translation.
English Cebuano
What's your name Unsa imong ngalan?
May I know your real name? Pwede ko maka-hibalo sa imong pangalan?
My name is John Paul John Paul akong ngalan.
Where do you live? Asa ka gapuyo?
How old are you? Pila imong edad?
When is your birthday? Kanus-a imong birthday?
How is your parents? Kumusta imong ginikanan
What's your job? Unsa imong trabaho?
What's your business? Unsa imong negosyo?
How much do you earn per month? Pila imong kita kada buwan?
Appreciate someone...
I love you Nahigugma ko nimo
I love you too Nahigugma sad ko nimo
I love you so much Nahigugma kaayo ko nimo
I miss you Gimingaw ko nimo
I miss you too Gimingaw sad ko nimo
I miss you so much Gimingaw kaayo ko nimo
I like your dress Ganahan ko sa imong sanina
You have kissable lips Nindot kaay kissan imong lips
You have rosy cheeks Pulahon kaayo imong aping
You have a celebrity beauty Mura kag artista ka-gwapa
What I've said is true Tinood akong gi-istorya
Don't lie Ayaw pamakak
I can't see you in the camera Dili ka makita sa camera
I can see you now in the camera Makita naka nako sa camera
I'll be going to your place soon Muanha ko dinha si inyong lugar puhon
You have a beautiful smile Nindot kaayo ka mukatawa
Are you kidding? Binuang ng imoa?
I'm serious Seryoso ko
It's so lovely to see you in person Nindot kaayo kung makakita ko nimo sa personal
You have a beautiful place Nindot kaayo inyong lugar
You look so beautiful in the camera. Gwapa kaayo ka sa camera.
I cannot live without you in my life Dili ko mabuhi kung wala ka sa akong kinabuhi
Planning a vacation...
Where's the best and safe place to stay there? Asa ang pinaka-nindot ug pinaka-safe nga lugar puy-an dinha?
I'll be checking in a hotel Mu-check in ko ug hotel
I'll be taking a vacation there Magbakasyon ko dinha
Please come with me Palihug magkuyog tang duha
It would be beautiful if you're the tour guide Nindot kaayo kung ikaw ang tour guide
It will be my happiest moment in life if you come with me Mao ni ang pinaka-malipayong higayon sa akong kinabuhi kung mukuyog ka nako
In the restaurant...
This place is romantic Romantic kaayo ni nga lugar
Very delicious food Lami kaayo nga pagkaon
The food in this restaurant is great Nindot kaayo ang pagkaon dinhi sa restaurant
Come with me Kuyog nako
I'll be having a dinner tonight. Come with me. Mag-dinner ko unyang gabii. Kuyog nako.
Do you drink beer or wine? Mu-inom ka ug beer o wine?
I'm sorry Pasay-lo-a ko
Excuse me Excuse ko
I agree Uyon ko
I disagree Dili ko uyon
Yes Oo
No Dili
Maybe Ti-nga-li
I doubt Gaduha-duha ko
I believe Mutu-o ko
I don't believe Dili ko mutu-o
Could you? Pwede
Sure Sigurado
Why not? Nganong dili man
Do you agree? Uyon ka?
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If you have English phrases or conversations you want us to translate to Cebuano/Bisaya, don't hesitate to post them in the comment below. We'll be more than happy to translate them.

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