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How to Secure or Get Medical Certificate at City Health Department in Cebu

This service allow applicants to secure Medical Certificates for school requirement and employment. (This is applicable only in Cebu, Philippines.)

Want to get a medical certificate in City Health Department here in Cebu? Follow the steps below...

CLIENT/S : Resident of Cebu City

Dr. Evelyn Villamor
Contact / Telephone Number: 232-6969
LOCATION : City Health Department (Cebu, Philippines)

AVAILABILITY:   Monday to Friday, 8:00 AM - 5: 00 PM

DURATION OF THE SERVICE: 10 minutes & 30 seconds



Follow these steps…
Wait while Person-in-charge…
It will take…
1. Inquire and fill out form
1.Gives form and receive the filled-up form
3 minutes
2. Present x-ray result to x-ray verifier
2. Checks the x-ray result
Clerk2 minutes
3. Present the form and pay corresponding fee to cashier’ s window at the ground floor
3. Receives the form and cash and issues receipts
CTO personnel
3 minutes
4. Go back to the environmental section and give the form and receipt
4. Attaches the receipt to the form
Clerk30 seconds
5. Proceed to the Medical Officer for assessment and examination
5. Assesses, examines and signs medical certificate
2 minutes

Source: Cebu City Citizen's Guidebook
This information appeared first on the 2009 Version of the Cebu City Citizen's Guidebook published by the Cebu City Government through the efforts of the Mayor's Management Team.

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Dewayne Tarver   (05 June 2020 4:23 PM) [Entry]

My name is Dwayne Tarver. I will be traveling from the great state of Texas to your country, how do I secure a medical certificate to go visit my fiancé and Naga

aurine   (02 August 2016 3:20 PM) [Entry]

pila ang bayad mgkuha medical certificate sa city health

jofil bontilao   (04 May 2015 11:08 PM) [Entry]

I would to get a medical certificate for a have a big war of friend that she give me an injuries of my head and my lips.