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How much does it cost to travel a motorcycle from Cebu to Ozamis or Oroquieta (via LiteShipping)

I experienced travelling with my motorcyle (no cab) from Cebu to Oroquieta. I travel via LiteShipping which docks in the port of Plaridel. It cost around Php 1,000 plus for the motorcycle to ship with LiteShipping (Cebu to Plaridel). You will also pay for PPA (Philippine Port Authority) fee.

You can save more money if you ship your motorcycle with LiteShipping if your destination is anywhere in Misamis Occidental (such as Oroquieta, Ozamis, Clarin, Jimenez, Sinacaban, Panaon, Tudela, Aloran, Calamba, etc.).

If your destination is from Cebu to Ozamis, you can choose either of the three (3) ships or ferries (Cokaliong, Trans-Asia and Cebu Ferries which is renamed as 2GO). It's more expensive to ship your motorcycle with these ferries. Because Ozamis is farther (more distant) than Plaridel if your port of origin is from Cebu.

Which ship do you prefer in travelling your motorcyle? Why?

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Rainer   (31 August 2015 3:16 PM)
How much is the shipping cost of a four wheel vehicle from Cebu to Plaridel!