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Cost of Filing Bankruptcy - How Much it Costs to Start Over

Cost of Filing Bankruptcy - How Much it Costs to Start Over
"If you intend to file for bankruptcy in Texas, you must be prepared to pay the filing fee. The minimum price is approximately $400. However, you must prepare and fill out an intricate form. If you follow the standard procedure, you will be required to pay the following fees in advance:

Certification in Credit Counseling and spending plan

A court-approved credit counselor charges $50 to $60 per counseling session. Counseling sessions can last between 1 and 2 hours. After the counseling session, you will receive a budget and a certificate that must be lodged with the court documents during the hearing. The counseling session must occur within six months of the filing of the petition. In some instances, this fee may also be reduced or waived.

Bankruptcy Lawyers

The complex bankruptcy laws have made it necessary to hire an attorney. This intricate procedure has paved the way for rising attorney fees in these cases. There are few attorneys who charge less than $800. Most attorneys request a fee between $1,500 and $2,500. There are some attorneys who accept fee payments in installments. You can also choose attorneys who work for free.


For those who cannot afford attorneys and are anxious while preparing their form, a paralegal (document preparer) can be a wealth of information regarding case submission. This bankruptcy filing fee never exceeds $400. The paralegal cannot offer legal counsel or represent the client in court.

Agency for Debt Relief

Attorneys, paralegals, and others engaged in the preparation and filing of bankruptcy cases establish agencies for debt relief. They are necessary for describing the allegations and actions in the case.

Software and Bankruptcy Forms

Forms can cost between $0 and $700, depending on their source and the available instructions. If you cannot afford an attorney, you can always opt for software that guides you through form completion. This software costs less than $50.

Fees for Filing in Court

Court filing fees never exceed $300. You should however confirm the precise cost with the local court.

Post-Credit Counseling Diploma

After declaring bankruptcy, you are required to pay approximately $50 for a certificate of pre-discharge insolvent education.

The minimum cost to file for bankruptcy using the standard procedure is approximately $1,200. However, the duration of the case may be too lengthy for your taste.

Description: Filing Bankrupt Prior to submitting a lawsuit, cost should be evaluated. It should be kept in mind that the quality of services, which yields a better and faster result, should not be sacrificed to reduce filing costs.""

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