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How to Legally Avoid Filing Bankruptcy and Eliminate 50% of Unsecured Debt

How to Legally Avoid Filing Bankruptcy and Eliminate 50% of Unsecured Debt
"Unsecured debts have become a problem for all of society, and the ever-increasing volume of debts has precipitated an alarming number of bankruptcies. The federal government has taken measures to prevent individuals from declaring bankruptcy. However, the query that arises is 'How to Legally Prevent Bankruptcy and Eliminate Unsecured Debt by 50%?' The answer to this question is sought by tens of thousands of people due to the fact that declaring bankruptcy causes immense financial difficulties for consumers! Let's determine, within the confines of the law, what can be done to avoid bankruptcy!The best course of action for a consumer is to engage in debt settlement. This method has surpassed bankruptcy and assisted hundreds of individuals in eliminating their unsecured loans. Settlement requires a consumer to owe $10,000 or more in total unsecured debt. The individual will not be eligible for resolution if the loan amount is less than this threshold. A consumer must also adhere to the rule that the loan should not be dispersed. It should be consolidated and maintained with a single creditor!If you act in your own best interest, you must engage a professional settlement firm. A professional company will assign you a professional negotiator who has an in-depth comprehension of the banking system and knows how to exploit the system's loopholes to secure a favorable deal. The negotiator will recommend that you cease payment to the creditor. This is a difficult decision, but you must make it in order to demonstrate that you are experiencing financial hardship.After a period of three to four months, the creditor will sell the debt to a collection agency. The agency will pay the creditor only 20 to 30 cents for every dollar it recovers from you. The negotiator will then propose an improved offer of 40 to 50 cents on the dollar. The creditor prefers this arrangement because it will result in a 100% ROI for the collection agency and eliminate at least 50% of your unsecured debt!
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