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Trans-Asia Shipping Lines Ticket Terms and Conditions for Passengers

Here's the full copy of the Trans-Asia Shipping Lines Terms and Conditions for Passengers as printed at the back of their official Passage ticket. Its very helpful to read these terms and conditions in order to understand your responsibility and stand as a passenger and to understand Trans-Asia's responsibility as the carrier or owner of the ship.
Trans Asia Shipping Lines Terms and Conditions to Passengers



The purchase of this ticket by the passenger herein shall be deemed to be unconditional acceptance of the following conditions:

1. Non-Transferability. This ticket is non-transferable and shall be used solely by the Passenger named therein. Passengers may be required to present valid ID at any time.

2. Validity. This ticket is valid only for the voyage indicated herein and shall be deemed automatically canceled if not used on the said voyage.

3. Compliance of Rules and Regulations.  The Passenger undertakes to faithfully comply with the rules and regulations of the vessel particularly those involving the maintenance of peace and order, safety and sanitation on board the vessel.

4. Liability of the Carrier. The Passenger voluntarily agrees the Carrier shall not be liable for death, injury, or delay to the Passenger and/or loss, damage, or delay to the Passenger's baggage arising from any and all forms of fortuitous events, navigational safety requirements and other causes beyond the control of the Carrier. It is agreed that the term "baggage" shall mean only such property that is necessary for the personal use of the Passenger during the voyage, excluding all money, jewelry, merchandise, securities, and other articles of similar nature for which the Carrier shall not be liable unless transported under a Bill of Lading. The liability of the Carrier in case of loss, damage, or delay to the Passengers baggage shall be limited to Five Hundred Pesos (P500.00) for first class passengers and a reduced proportion thereof in the case of all other passengers. The Carrier shall have no liability whatsoever for the loss or bodily injury or any other loss, damage, or delay in connection with this voyage unless a written notice of claim is presented to the Carrier within thirty (30) days or unless a suit is instituted within ninety (90) days from the day the Passenger disembarks or from the day the vessel arrives at the Passenger's port of destination, whichever is earlier.

5. Baggage Allowance. Passengers can bring 0.03 cubic meter or equivalent to 30 kilos of baggage on board on 2nd class and tourist accommodations. Presidential suite room and cabin passengers have double allowance in terms of quantity but not size. Minor's allowance is half in size that of an adult. Baggage in excess of allowance deemed as cargo and will be treated as such, and charged accordingly.

6. Right to Refuse Boarding. The Carrier reserves the right to refuse boarding of a person or a Passenger's cargo that will pose a threat to the security, order, safety, and health of the passengers and the vessel.

7. Sick Passengers. Sick passengers must present a medical certificate (date of medical examination should be at least 5 days prior to departure) and submit/sign a waiver attesting to their fitness to undertake sea travel upon boarding; otherwise, the Carrier reserves the right to deny their boarding. Non-ambulatory cases, especially those with life support, should be accompanied by a licensed nurse/doctor companion.

8. Pregnant Passengers. All Pregnant women must present a medical certificate (date of examination should be at least 5 days prior to departure) and submit/sign a waiver attesting to their fitness to undertake sea travel upon boarding the vessel; otherwise, the Carrier reserves the right to deny their boarding. Upon boarding, a sick or pregnant passenger who submitted a medical certificate pursuant to paragraph #7 & 8 hereof, hereby confirms the authenticity of the said medical certificate and the truthfulness of the contents thereof; otherwise the Carrier shall not be liable for any sickness or injury resulting from any misrepresentation in the submission and/or in the contents of the medical certificate submitted.

9. Lost Ticket. If this ticket is lost by the Passenger named herein, Carrier is not liable for such loss. Likewise, Carrier assumes no responsibility to replace such. It may no longer be refunded nor revalidated.

10. Refund and Revalidation. Ticket may be revalidated or refunded at any authorized Trans-Asia outlet provided the lawful Passenger named herein present the complete set of unused ticket with no alterations and valid proof of identity with picture, and ticket has not yet expired or lapsed 60 days from departure date. 

Any refund or revalidation made before or after vessel departure shall be levied a surcharge. Refunds made before vessel departure is subject to a ten percent (10%) surcharge. 

Refunds made after departure is subject to twenty percent (20%) surcharge. Revalidation made before vessel departure is subject to ten pesos (P10.00) service charge, and revalidation made after vessel departure is subject to ten percent (10%) surcharge. Surcharge fees are based on BASIC FARE and not on the face amount. All surcharges stated herein are subject to change at any time without prior notice.

Revalidated tickets are subject to fare rates prevailing at the time of revalidation 

11. Uncompleted Voyage. In case the vessel cannot continue or complete the voyage for any cause whatsoever, the Carrier reserves the right to cancel the ticket and refund the Passenger the unused cost of said ticket or revalidate for another schedule/destination.

12. Change of Schedule. Sailing schedule of the vessel may be changed or canceled without prior notice.

13. Change of Vessel. Carrier reserves the right to deploy another vessel without prior notice. Affected accommodations will be automatically downgraded should there be no available accommodations, and the fare difference will be refunded to the Passenger. In the event all accommodations are fully booked, Passenger agrees to be refunded in full.

14. Change of Fare. Fare rates are subject to change at any time without prior notice.

15. Unauthorized Alterations. Any unauthorized alteration or perforation of this ticket shall render the same null and void.

16. Fare of Minors. Passengers aged three (3) to eleven (11) years must pay half of the prescribed BASIC rates except for accommodations being sold on a per-room basis. Furthermore, Passengers who are three (3) years old and below but are more than one (1) meter in  height are already considered Half-Paying minors. Passengers below three (3) years old shall pay a fixed rate as provided by the Carrier.

17. Send-off Visitors. Send-off visitors of a Passenger are not allowed to board the vessel. Any Passenger who violates this rule shall assume any liability that may arise therefrom.

18. Boarding Time. Passenger must be on board the vessel two (2) hours before departure time. Carrier reserves the right to cancel the ticket and accommodation of any Passenger who fails to board the vessel thirty (30) minutes before the scheduled departure, and to issue the same accommodation to any other person.

19. Venue of Action. Any court action arising from this transaction/contract shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the proper courts in the City of Cebu to the exclusion of any other court.

Certificate of Insurance (for those purchased optional additional Insurance)

This is to certify that holder is insured one hour before and after the voyage and during the entire trip.
All coverage are subject to the exclusions and conditions of the master policy issued under the name of Trans-Asia Shipping Lines, Inc.

In case of claims, call Trans-Asia Shipping Lines, Inc. at Telephone Number (032) 254-6491 to 95 or Oriental Assurance Corporation at Telephone Number 631-7851 to 66
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