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Metrobank Customer Service Hotline/Telephone Number

"You're in Good Hands With Metrobank". Metrobank carries this banner with a heart. In need of financial assistance? they can truly be trusted.

Days will come when problems arise as you do banking with Metrobank. In case you have concerns, you can contact Metrobank Customer Care Hotline/Telephone Number.

Metrobank Customer Service

24-hour Customer Service

  • 24x7 Customer Hotline: (02) 8700-700 - this line is always busy. So, try to contact the alternative hotline number below.
  • Alternative Hotline Number: (02) 870-0900
  • 24x7 Domestic Toll-free No.: 1-800-1888-5775

Can be called during banking hours

  • (02) 898-8000 press 1 then 2
  • 1-800-10-8579727
  • Mobile Phone No.: 09499942417 (Smart), 09175233364 (Globe)

Other channels to contact

  • Email address: customercare@metrobank.com.ph
  • Alternative email address: ibs.customercare@metrobank.com.ph
  • Telephone Number: (632) 898-8701; (632) 898-8702
Metrobank's primary business interest involves borrowing and lending, investment banking, trade finance, thrift banking, remittances and treasury. 
Metrobank is serving the top companies and institutions in the Philippines. They are also strong in the middle market corporate sector - a big portion consists of Filipino-Chinese business.
Metrobank is also a very active participant in the foreign exchange (forex) market in the Philippines and is accredited by the BSP as a government securities dealer.
It provides investment banking services through First Metro Investment Corporation and retail banking through Philippine Savings Bank.
As a customer, do you have any concerns with Metrobank? Tells us in the comment below.

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arjay   (16 July 2018 8:53 AM)
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john cristopher majaba   (28 June 2018 10:00 AM)
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Florinda Santos   (12 June 2018 5:55 PM)
How to request thermal supply for outetrobank terminal?

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Roselda   (09 June 2018 11:14 PM)
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Allyn   (21 May 2018 8:01 PM)
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Ana   (02 May 2018 4:45 PM)
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darwin tapawan   (24 April 2018 11:42 AM)
good day im want to know if youhave a toll free using cell phone, wedont have a land land the no. that using of metrobank is for land line so we need to know if you have no. for cellphone that u verr much

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Persalyn perez   (21 April 2018 2:15 PM)
Good day po ask ko lang po paano po kung bigla pong napadalhan yung account na inactive na pala?
Paano po makukuha yung pinadala?

geraldine gingoyon   (17 April 2018 1:44 AM)
how can i change my number that i enrolled in online banking? knowing that i'm here in saudi arabia

Jose   (16 April 2018 6:11 AM)
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Ferdinand Matias   (14 April 2018 10:54 PM)
I would like to ask if my atm card was block today because I enter the wrong pin 3 times. Is it possiblle that after 24 hours my atm was already unblock? Thanks for your help.

Carmenchu   (07 April 2018 1:47 AM)
My ATM card is unactivated...How I can activate again but I’m not in the Philippines I am currently here America but I leave my card to my Brother and send money to theme from time to time but My atm card is inactivated now...thank you for your help!

glenn   (23 March 2018 4:12 PM)

raquel   (21 March 2018 2:26 PM)
ano po bang requirements in applying for having an ATM? THANK YOU

Elmer Hardo V. Maaliw   (14 March 2018 5:52 PM)
Good Evening, how can I cancel the Insurance that I didn't apply for? I would appreciate a response. Thank you.

Leo   (11 March 2018 10:16 PM)
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Rose ann dommino cabanit   (27 February 2018 1:31 AM)
Good day po.pano ko po marerecover yong atm ko po na nablocked ko kasi nakalimutan ko yong pin ko.ofw po ako dito sa spain.thank you po

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