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PLDT Customer Service | Hotline Phone Number

Philippine Long Distance Telephone (PLDT) Company is the largest telecommunications company in the Philippines.

Being the largest telco company is not easy to manage. But with Manny Pangilinan as the head and Chairman, PLDT strongly committed on the quality of its customer service.
So, if you have any problems with your accounts or subscription in PLDT, rest assured PLDT does all the ways it can to serve you better.

PLDT Customer Service
If you have concerns, you can call PLDT Customer Service Hotline Number:
  • 171 (toll free) - when calling through landline or SMART cellphone
For Repair Service Hotline
  • 173 (toll free) - when calling through landline
For Subscribers of Other Phone Companies
  • 8888-171 (Metro Manila callers)
  • 02-8888171 (Regional callers; regular NDD toll fees apply)
  • 02-8888171 (Globe/TM/Sun Cellular subscribers; regular CMTS fees apply)
DSL HelpDesk:
  • 172 (toll free) 24/7 - through landline
Fibr Assistance:
  • 101
Directory Assistance:
  • 187 - when calling through landline or SMART cellphone
Do you have any other concern with PLDT?

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Maribel Teves   (22 February 2019 9:21 PM)

Hello Pldt,


Gusto ko sana mag tayo ng sariling internet cafe. Sa ngayon connected ako sa wifi sa pldt ngunit hindi allowed sa internet cafe or pesonet. Dito ako nakatira sa Salong,Baroy Lanao Del Norte. Ako ay talagang intersado na mag invest ng negosyo tulad nito. Ano ang dapat kung gawin dahil may nakapagsabi sa akin na hindi na raw pwede dahil may naka invest na dito sa erea namin. Sana matulongan po ninyo ako. Please give me an idea on how to start a internet cafe or pesonet business here in my place.Sana as soon as possible.

Thank you!

Jumalyn Arjona Pernito   (22 February 2019 7:50 PM)

Hello Pldt,


We have been having trouble in our connection. It's very slow. It's been a month and doesn't have any changes. So irritating. Pls help us fix the connection. Hoping for your response.

Thank you.

Kris   (22 February 2019 6:49 PM)

Hi poh., ask qoh lng poh kng meron poh kau unlimited internet without landline poh?? Thank you!

Franklin   (21 February 2019 9:33 AM)



Our internet and landline connection is out of service due to Typhoon Rosita since last October 30, 2018. In spite of that, we are charged continuously even our connection was not restored. Relative to this, may I request re-computation or an adjustment to reduce my Overdue Balance from November 1, 2018 up to the present. Below is my account details for your reference.

Anticipating for your favourable consideration regarding this matter. Thank you and God Bless.

ACCT NO.: 0260913255
Balance from Last Bill: 13,335.87 (DUE IMMEDIATELY)

Mary Ann Enero   (20 February 2019 4:21 PM)

No billing statement since last year 2018 and no one answer your customer service. Account number 026 784 6405 and our landline is 02-349-5494

Noemi Mendoza   (19 February 2019 4:33 PM)

No billing statement since nov 2018. Please send it monthly

Riza Arciaga   (19 February 2019 10:15 AM)

Our phone number is (02)861-0090.Please kindly attend to our request.Thanks

Riza Arciaga   (19 February 2019 10:13 AM)

May we request for your immediate assistance for our phone, no dial tone this morning. Please kindly pay attention for our request.Appreciate your immidiate response.Thanks

LOURDES C. VENTURA   (18 February 2019 3:59 PM)

Dear customer service,
Good day! Ireport ko lang yung internet namin 3 cellphone lng ang gumagamit sa up to 3mbps , sobrang bagal ng service .sayang nman po yun binbayad namin sa inyo. This is our landline 022560340, and this is our account number 0266973470. Sana po ay mabigyan ng pansin ang complain nmin na ito. Marami po salamat!

ANABILLA FIGUES ECHAVEZ   (17 February 2019 7:16 AM)

Our Internet Connection is down, not working for 2-days now. Could please help to resolve this issue.

Thanks and regards,
Landline # (032)2660021

Octavino Q. Esguerra   (14 February 2019 4:05 PM)

We cannot make or receive any calls on my pldt phone with number 02 5700866 for more than two months now. Please expedite solving the problem.

Marmarie   (13 February 2019 3:25 PM)

I've been calling you customer hotline to report my fibr connection problem, it's been 2 days now but still no internet. I can't get through your hotline and just keeps on repeating the option to press. What are you going to do about this pldt? This fibr connection failure happened to me twice already without any advise from pldt. What kind of service are you doing to your subscribers???

Rosalina Mercado   (13 February 2019 7:36 AM)

Dear Customer Service,
Our PLDT landline number (02) 7807536 has no dial tone. May we request for service assistance.
Thank you.

Randy   (11 February 2019 8:22 AM)

Hi good day
I miss a call from smart/pldt last january 6,2019,im still hoping that you can call again for my application.

This is my SRN 1117291149

Thank you

Ellen   (10 February 2019 1:03 PM)

Wifi is too slow everyday

Lorraine Koo   (10 February 2019 0:58 AM)

Dear PLDT Team,

I am currently using PLDT fiber optic internet service.
I will be moving directly opposite to my new house which is 2 meters away. As they informed me at PLDT Bicutan branch I cannot transfer my account. I was ready to pay 3 months penalty to apply for a new line as without internet I am not able to move in to my new place.
It has been more than 4 weeks since I applied but no one came to install the internet. My designer is waiting for the lines so that he can close up the walls to hide the internet cables. I have to move in by next week I desperately need to have my internet connected. The name I apply under was Jenny Lou Pameron. We went down to PLDT many times to follow up but the answer is the installation is outsource. They have no idea when they will come install. This is completely unacceptable. Please Help!!!!

Robert Brian H. Restua   (07 February 2019 7:03 PM)

Account no.: 0259863198

I would like to file a formal complaint regarding the internet service we are receiving for the past two (2) weeks now. It's been On / Off usually between 0900H - 1800H everyday! We tried to contact your customer service hotline but to no avail. It's also very difficult to get in touch with your customer service personnel because the line is always busy and frequently, they put you on HOLD! I have also had a bad experience with your customer service personnel before. They took my concern regarding the VERY SLOW internet connection and said it will be scheduled for visit/checking by your service repairmen. After a week, i received a call asking me if my concern was already attended by your repairmen. I said "Not yet!". After a week, I was asked the same question. This goes on and on for about a month! I got mad on the last call I received and I was asked when is my preferred schedule so I could personally talk to the service repairmen. The schedule was set but no one came!

Last February 5, I had the chance to talk your customer service personnel. She (Sheila) asked me to change our password. The internet speed improved but only for just a day! Now, we are still experiencing the same problem!

I am hoping that my concern will be handled seriously!

As far as I can remember, I have only missed once in paying my bill. But this was just an honest mistake on our part. You can check my payment history if you like. The service we are receiving is not worth the bill I am paying for!

Do something about it!!! Do not take my complaint for granted!

Michael Tenedero   (07 February 2019 12:58 PM)

Hi PLDT, can you assist please its been months since your help center is not available I cannot talk to anyone regarding my billing concern

Errol james ocampo   (07 February 2019 12:13 PM)

Ticket number 28825488 feb 4 wala kming internet and telephone

Reason nila nag update daw cla d daw nainclude ung line namin they set up ng appointment
With technician dispatched ung status peto walang sched kung kelan ppunta mga GAGO ba kayo dispatch wala sched cnong niloloko ang sabi pa ng customer service kpag may nkita daw akong technician bigay ko daw ticket number kc wala daw clang contact sa tech ano to LOKOHAN KAHIT KELAN PLDT BULOK MAGALING LNG SA SELLING WALA KAYONG KWENTA LAHAT NG DEPT. NYU BULOK MGA PUTAAANG INAAA NYOOOO!!!!!!!! nkakastresss kayo dpat name ng company myu PLDC

Gloria Almazan   (07 February 2019 4:47 AM)

May we request for your immediate assistance for for the repair of phone please No dial tone since Dec 2018. No internet since January 2019. We've filed complaint in your Tayuman Office last January 7, 2019 with reference 28529817. Called repair service several times but no service crew visited us.

May we also request for a rebate for non use of your service.

Thank you

Killar   (06 February 2019 9:37 PM)

Mga wlang kwentang serbisyo, kahit kailan mga corrupt talaga kayo, mabuti lng kayo sa simula, netwotk nyo putol2. Sana maputulan din kayo ng ulo. Putah

wilfredo magcasi   (06 February 2019 10:28 AM)


Raju Mandhyan   (06 February 2019 8:37 AM)

It has been more than a week of ni dial tone on 028959852.


KHRISTINE ABRIO   (05 February 2019 5:45 PM)


Myra manrique   (04 February 2019 3:48 PM)

28809731 four days na kaming walang pldt ano na follow up naman wala bang kikilos para maayos ano magbabayad na sana ako ng bill tapos ganito feb 1 wala na kaming pldt follow up naman oh

joyce garga   (04 February 2019 11:14 AM)

Good Morning! I just want to know our Pldt Account Number, the agent forgot to give the account number. I badly need it now to pay our bill. Thank You! and now my telephone is cut.. it's not my fault if i din't pay.

joyce garga   (04 February 2019 11:10 AM)

Good Morning! I just want to know our Pldt Account Number, the agent forgot to give the account number. I badly need it now to pay our bill. Thank You!

Jaypee   (03 February 2019 10:58 AM)

Good Morning! I just want to know our Pldt Account Number, the agent forgot to give the account number. I badly need it now to pay our bill. Thank You!

Aries Pineda   (01 February 2019 7:53 PM)

Good Evening, My internet speed is too slow 417ms ping 5mbps download speed and 0.99mbps upload speed. Ive been calling your hotline since last week and they fixed it for the day but the problem will repeat the next day. I think you really have to send some one to fix the problem.

roger un   (31 January 2019 0:17 AM)

hi, my internet speed is to slow (1ms ping, 9.52 Mbps download, 9.53Mbps upload). my plan supposedly should have been a 200Mbps guarantee. this has been going on for quite some time now. pls send someone to check my line. email me when your people will come so can accommodate.

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