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Are You Stressed And At The End Of Your Rope? Filing Bankruptcy Might Be The Answer

Are You Stressed And At The End Of Your Rope? Filing Bankruptcy Might Be The Answer
"While the mainstream media continues to report a triumphant recovery year for the United States, the majority of Americans have a different perspective. Americans are being pressed financially to the point of no return. The government increased the payroll tax last year, depriving the middle class of spending dollars. In addition, the implementation of Obamacare at the start of 2014 reaffirmed the lack of funds for the majority of Americans. As the media continues to minimize these blows to the middle class, the truth is revealed in the dismal financial reports of national big-box retailers. It has nothing to do with the weather and everything to do with the economy. Americans are beginning to realize that this situation will not end well. Big-name economists such as Marc Faber have made blatant statements that the economy will collapse in 2014. Dr. Doom and Gloom also foretold the financial crisis in 2007 and, in my opinion, he's not too far off from what's to come in the near future.Those who wear rose-colored spectacles and refuse to acknowledge that the United States is on the verge of bankruptcy and is in no way in recovery need only examine the facts. First, national housing sales have been declining steadily over the past year. According to Zero Hedge, 20% of buyers under the age of 33 have delayed property purchases due to outstanding student loans. Student loan debt has now surpassed $1 trillion, creating its own bubble. Due to the lack of employment opportunities, many young adults are extending their time in education in order to avoid incurring unmanageable debt. When they eventually leave college, they discover that they are overqualified for any available job. Thirdly, according to a recent study, 40% of Americans could not come up with $2,000 in the event of an emergency. In addition, less than 25 percent of American citizens have enough savings to cover six months of expenses. These facts demonstrate that the majority of Americans live paycheck to paycheck and are on the precipice of filing for bankruptcy. Since the market's near-collapse in 2007, the two banks most likely to fail have used smoke and mirrors to create the appearance of a recovery. The Federal Reserve, which has nothing to do with the federal government or reserves, has been issuing trillions of dollars to inject liquidity into the markets, thereby creating the illusion of a recovery. Anyone who does not believe it need only search up quantitative easing to discover the truth for themselves.As the economy continues to deteriorate, the middle class must take stock of their priorities and, if necessary, declare insolvency to get out from under their debt. Although nobody wishes to declare bankruptcy, sometimes it is unavoidable. Many people who are in the process of filing for bankruptcy are overwhelmed by tension, but it is no worse than the anxiety they experienced prior to filing. People frequently view the procedure as an emotional one. It is simple for a bankruptcy attorney to tell their clients not to fret, but to the individual, it feels like the world is collapsing. Typical emotions include despondency, failure, melancholy, and anger. Numerous couples argue over who is responsible for their financial failure. Currently, they should be working together to overcome the issue that leads so many couples to divorce.There are numerous methods for a person filing for bankruptcy to alleviate the stress of the process. The initial activity is walking. Many individuals dislike traveling to the gym, so it is just as simple to take a stroll around the neighborhood. It's remarkable how fresh air can clear a person's mind, and just getting their blood pumping through a walk will alleviate their anxiety. Another activity is listening to music. Music has a calming effect on many individuals. For those who enjoy rock, turn up the volume. For those who have access to a jacuzzi, hot water will relieve the tension of filing for bankruptcy. Occasionally, this will allow a person to release their muscle tension and fall asleep. Do something constructive, such as laundry or car washing, or any other mindless task. This will give the individual a sense of accomplishment and distract them from their financial issues that lead to their bankruptcy filing. The good news is that once the discharge arrives in the mail, these financial difficulties will be over and a new chapter in their lives will begin.
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