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Insolvency - Dos and Don'ts

Insolvency - Dos and Don'ts
"Filing for bankruptcy is a significant decision, and you must approach it with extreme caution. The procedure is somewhat complicated. Consequently, ensure that you adhere to the following dos and don'ts:The To-dosThe following are necessary actions you must take.
Your matter must be taken very seriously. You have the constitutional right to use bankruptcy to eliminate debts that you cannot pay.
While submitting your petition, you must be completely honest and forthright with all information. Ensure that the information you are providing is accurate and has not been altered in any way. Your goal is to obtain a debt discharge, and you may not be able to do so if you conceal your assets or provide false information on your bankruptcy petition. These actions will only lead you deeper into difficulty.
While working with your attorney, you should be as forthcoming as possible with all pertinent information. Even if it is humiliating for you, your attorney must be aware of the situation.

You must collaborate fully with your attorney. You must make yourself accessible to him whenever he wishes to discuss any aspect of your case.
Meeting with your creditors is a crucial step in the procedure. Before participating in such meetings, you should always consult with your attorney about how you should conduct yourself.
Lastly, but certainly not least, you must also contemplate bankruptcy alternatives prior to filing your case. Credit counseling and debt consolidation are two of the most effective methods for paying off existing debts without filing for bankruptcy.
Don'tsThe following are some items you should avoid doing.
You should not view bankruptcy as a simple way to eliminate all of your debts. Not all debts qualify for discharge. Some non-dischargeable debts include Student loans, specific tax liabilities, etc.
Prior to filing the petition, the meeting with the creditors must occur. You should not communicate with them after filing your petition. Additionally, your bankruptcy attorney must be informed of any attempts by your creditors to contact you.
You shouldn't exclude any creditors from the petition. Ensure that they have all been included. After you have been declared insolvent, creditors who are not listed in your petition will continue to demand payment, and you will be obligated to pay them back.
Do not attempt to abuse your filing by obtaining a multitude of credit cards or racking up a mountain of debts. Such actions may result in the dismissal of your case, as the court may deem it fraudulent.""

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