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Is a Bankruptcy Lawyer Really Required?

Is a Bankruptcy Lawyer Really Required?
"Hiring a bankruptcy attorney can greatly simplify the bankruptcy process. If you are contemplating bankruptcy, it is essential to acquire as much information as possible in order to make an informed decision. Consultation with a lawyer who specializes in this field will make the process go much more smoothly. Here is information regarding bankruptcy.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is commonly referred to as personal bankruptcy. This eliminates the personal, unsecured debt included in the bankruptcy filing. There are numerous conditions associated with Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Numerous individuals are prohibited from retaining valuable property, such as real estate or vehicles. There are exemptions, and a competent bankruptcy attorney will be able to inform you of them and help you take advantage of them.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy does not necessarily discharge all of your debt, although some debts may be discharged. It is more of a reorganization of your debts and past-due balances. It is more probable that you will be able to keep your home and vehicles. This form of bankruptcy is viewed slightly more favorably because you are attempting to repay your debts. This is a very complex form of bankruptcy, so you should hire a competent bankruptcy attorney to help you develop a viable plan and negotiate with the courts.

Insolvency is a very complex procedure. Many individuals erroneously believe that they are capable of performing the task themselves. That simply is not true. In addition to a fee, bankruptcy attorneys charge court costs and filing fees. This can frequently be incorporated into a payment plan to make it more affordable. It may appear to be a lot of money, but it is a wise investment. A bankruptcy attorney will save you more money than he costs because he is familiar with the system and how it applies to you.

Did you realize that it may be impossible for you to file for bankruptcy? Especially in light of the recent changes to bankruptcy law, the courts must now approve your bankruptcy petition; approval was not previously required. A competent bankruptcy attorney can present your case in such a way that your chances of approval are significantly increased. Each case is evaluated on an individual basis, but must be approved in order to continue with the process.

Understanding the new bankruptcy laws and how they apply to your situation can be difficult. Which chapter do you need to file? Apply any exemptions to you? Can you retain ownership? What will you be selling? These are some of the difficult issues that a competent attorney can help you resolve. In some situations, bankruptcy may not be the best option. You will not know unless you consult a professional.

Insolvency is not a simple matter. There are numerous complexities that make it perplexing for those without training. Determining which chapter is most applicable to your circumstance is not always straightforward. Before beginning this life-altering procedure, you should always consult with a reputable bankruptcy attorney.

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