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Is Bankruptcy the Best Choice For You?

Is Bankruptcy the Best Choice For You?
"""The proverb holds true: pride precedes a collapse. We spend the majority of our lives working and attempting to save money in order to live comfortably, but life often presents us with too many obstacles to surmount. Loss of income may be caused by illness, accidents, or economic downturns, and you may feel too proud to ask for assistance. If you do nothing and hope that the situation will resolve itself, your financial problems may worsen. There is no shame in admitting that you need assistance regaining your financial footing, and it is understandable to acknowledge that the prospect of declaring bankruptcy is intimidating.

Some of us may compare bankruptcy to an unwashable scarlet letter - a large ""B"" for ""Broke"" that everyone will see on our chests. Therefore, it is not surprising that individuals are reluctant to file for bankruptcy or, at the very least, seek advice on the matter. If you are in a situation where your obligations have accumulated and you have no money to pay them, you should know that filing for bankruptcy does not mean the end of your life or career opportunities. You can overcome this situation and strive to restore your financial health, but you must first determine if filing bankruptcy is the best course of action.

Here are some queries you may wish to pose to yourself, and you may find an answer.

1) How much debt do you have? If you owe less than four figures and there is a chance you can borrow from willing friends and family, you may be able to avoid filing for bankruptcy. It is essential to first determine how much and to whom you owe. If the amount is in the tens of thousands or higher, you may wish to speak with an attorney.

2) Do you possess assets that can be sold? A dread associated with personal bankruptcy is the loss of a home or vehicle. This source of income would be jeopardized if a person were denied access to a vehicle necessary for getting to work. Generally, when you file for bankruptcy, you are permitted to keep many of your personal possessions and are assigned a reasonable payment plan to eliminate your debts. If other items you've sold to pay off debts are insufficient, you may need to consult a counsel.

However, meeting with an attorney does not inherently obligate you to file. After a consultation, you can determine whether or not you should file. Assess your assets and liabilities, and work to reduce your debts.""

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