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Hello there!

My name is Anthony Yenko. A teacher. Graduated from the University of the Philippines (B.S.I.E) and Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila (MBA). And now, blog site owner of "AnthonyYenko.com.”

Thank you so much for reading and visiting me here. I have only one sacred and passionate purpose for building this website, i.e., to help you generate more leads online, recruit more leaders and grow your business faster. In other words, I will help you achieve your dreams in life.

And, there is ONLY one way for you to do it:


The more valuable you become, the more people will be attracted to you. You will no longer chase prospects but it will be the other way around. Instead of you hunting them you will become the hunted. Prospects will join you voluntarily. Prospects will call you up and "closed” themselves. Isn’t that awesome?


My Story

I "met” Robert Kiyosaki while I was still taking up my MBA. After reading some of his books especially, "Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, it has taken me where I am today, with you- with the popular and sometimes controversial Network Marketing Industry (NMI) because of its "undying” issue on pyramiding. It is also known as Multi-Level Marketing (MLM). According to Mr. Kiyosaki, that if you really want to fully develop yourself as an Entrepreneur on the "B” Quadrant, then go to NMI and do direct selling.

The years were 2009, 2011, and 2014. I entered the world of MLM and started joining several networking marketing companies one after another and followed all what my uplines taught me. Attend Product Presentations of Veteran Speakers. Prospects Listing. Inviting my "KKK” (Kaibigan, Kamag Anak, Kakilala). Home Presentation. One-on-One Table Talk. Approaching Strangers.There is only one thing I haven’t done yet: Handing Out Flyers in Streets and Malls.

And, you know what happened?

Rejections, after rejections, and rejections. My friends and colleagues hid from me and made several excuses for them not to see me anymore. People were even laughing behind my back. Even my close friends and relatives turned me down. However, I said to myself, "No! I will never give up! I will not stop! I want to give everything a father could give to his children! I want to build a better financial future for my family! I want to achieve Time and Financial Freedom! – I want to be my own boss!"

The thing is, I can not fathom why I was failing even though I followed everything what my uplines told me to do.

These challenges prompted me to buy books and ebooks by well sought authors and gurus who are very successful Network Marketers themselves. I bought the "priceless” Alpha Attraction Marketing (AAM) Online Training Course and the very informative and detailed Sponsor More Downlines (SMD) ebook with all of them complete with Step-by-Step PDF files and amazing videos which were all authored by Coach Eduard Reformina. As for me, Coach Ed, as he is fondly called, is a true blessing to all Pinoy Networkers because he has made several of them millionaires already. I know this for a fact because these millionaires and I belong to the same MLM company in Quezon City, Philippines. Mabuhay ka, Coach Ed!

You will benefit from all the contents of the books I mentioned because I will give them all away for FREE by way of ebooks and informative articles about them which will definitely and surely help you in your business. It will be my great pleasure to share with you all of these very valuable collections for you to achieve your dreams. Just visit me at http://anthonyyenko.com/ or email me at avy31113@yahoo.com for any queries or assistance.

The Solution…The Story

I was in the brink of giving up because day-in and day-out I worked my butt out since 2009 just to sponsor at least 20 prospects a month. But NO luck. I sponsored only a few and wasn’t able to successfully develop my downline organization. I was really exhausted and frustrated. I asked myself, "Is this really how network marketing works?”

Finally, I stopped for a moment and try to recall everything I learned about Marketing in MBA. Suddenly I shouted, "HUWAAAHH!!!” "TING!!!” "YEZZZ!!!”

The answer is in one of the 4 Ps of Marketing! - Promotion! (Advertising and Target Marketing!) But how? How do I find open-minded people on Network Marketing? How do I get to meet them? What is the system for finding them, if there is one?

There has to be an answer to my problem. I thought of the internet (World Wide Web). I browsed and browsed and browsed until I found my blessing, my mentor, my "Alpha”- Coach Eduard Reformina, the author of AAM Online Training Course.

I bought his course and from that time on I kept on increasing my "VALUE” by buying and collecting all the books, ebooks that I could find in the bookstores and internet . I was like a sponge absorbing everything I could read and lay my hands on.

Please allow me to quote Coach Ed: (NOTE: He has already earned his MILLIONS since he applied AAM.)

"In studying Internet Network Marketing, I learned 2 very important skills: first how to generate endless number of highly qualified prospects and I learned how to attract prospects to me instead of me chasing and hunting them down. These 2 skills solved my problems and turned my business around. By combining the Power of the Internet and Online Marketing Strategy I’m on my quest to build my business and achieve Time and Financial Freedom.”

My Intention

By nature, I love to help people achieve their dreams. This is one of the reasons why I taught in the University for quite sometime. Now, here I am again, I want to carry out my passion in helping people like you succeed by sharing with you all the knowledge and skills that I’ve learned and will learn. Hopefully inspire and empower you in your business endeavour. Finally, unlock your untapped and hidden potentials that will bring you positive results as well as those people around you.

I believe in the "Law of Reciprocity.” - "The More You Give, The More You Will Receive!”

"That if one person wants to be successful, then he has to help another person achieve success.”

So, are you ready now to position yourself as a VALUABLE Leader? Are you ready to position yourself as an Alpha?

If your answer is yes, then, "Let’s get it on!”

To Your Amazing Success,

Anthony Yenko
Network Marketing Strategist

Sun Cell : 09328692020
Globe Cell: 09369178809
Email Add.: avy31113@yahoo.com
Facebook Fan Page : www.facebook.com/yenkoanthony
Facebook Personal Page: www.facebook.com/anthony.yenko

P.S. Watch out for the New Network Marketing Lessons, Articles, and eBooks I’m giving away for Free by frequently visiting AnthonyYenko.com and clicking "Like” on my Fan Page, Facebook.com/YenkoAnthony. And, if you want to earn $3,000/mo. with me GO HERE: http://www.anthonyyenko.mytambayacademy.com/

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