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The World Is on the Verge of Bankruptcy As the Elite Seize Accounts

The World Is on the Verge of Bankruptcy As the Elite Seize Accounts
"Many Americans are beginning to realize that the economy is not recovering as reported by the media. At the beginning of March 2013, as the stock market reached an all-time high, the media trumpeted a complete economic recovery. When the unemployment rate was reported, it miraculously dropped to 7.7 percent. While the majority of Americans are still asleep, many unemployed Americans contemplating bankruptcy are querying the veracity of the media-reported statistics. For me, none of this makes sense. At the end of 2012, the United States saw another decline in the number of bankruptcy filings, prompting the media to assert once again that this is evidence. After some investigation, it became clear that the data are not being reported accurately. In fact, it was fascinating to learn that the employment-to-population ratio for the 15-to-64-year-old age group in 2008 was 64%. During this time, unemployment exceeded 8%. According to additional research, the employment-to-population ratio at the end of February 2013 was 55%, and the unemployment rate was 7.7%. How could the number of employed Americans of working age decrease without the unemployment rate increasing? Correct, it is impossible. The released numbers are manipulated to provide the government with the results required to enact any agenda.Many Americans are on the verge of filing for bankruptcy, and their ability to acquire more money on credit cards is the only thing keeping them out of court. In light of this, banks have generously increased available balances for those who cannot pay off their debt. Many Americans must borrow more money each month in order to pay their past bills and place food on the table. If banks stop lending, a significant number of Americans will file for bankruptcy as their only option.In Europe, the situation is worsening, as we saw last week when the government of Cyprus closed its banks. After the dust settled, the depositors learned they would lose 40% of their hard-earned money. This is a straightforward case of larceny. Many individuals around the world are becoming concerned that this will reach their shores. Retaining or removing an individual's hard-earned funds will only result in financial failure. Hopefully, bankruptcy will still be an option when these austerity measures are implemented worldwide.Numerous bloggers and alternative news outlets have recently reported on how fragile the US economy has become due to the excessive quantity of quantitative easing. Many Americans continue to put off registering for bankruptcy and getting out of debt when they ought to do so. At some point, this entire structure will collapse. It failed in the Weimar Republic, Argentina, and Nigeria, and it will fail in the United States and the Euro zone.
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